“Sir, how can you choose that slumdog Aman?”, Punit asked his coach disrespectfully.

Mr. Sharma made a quick reply – “Why not Punit?”

“Sir you know very well that Aman can’t afford to lead these….”, Punit smirked.

“Stop your speculative argument Punit, it is none of your business”, Mr. Sharma said with an air of authority.


This argument between Punit and his coach Mr. Sudhir Sharma, did not go down well with the other players. Mr. Sharma noticed it too. But he knew that it was nearly impossible to calm down Punit. So he quickly made his way towards the field to help the other players.


Seventeen year old, Punit was a die-hard cricket fan and was desperate to become a superstar cricketer. He always addressed his fellow students with an authoritative voice. His peremptory attitude was deprecated by all. In other words, he was the only pugnacious member of the R.P. Cricket Academy. The reason behind Punit’s behavior was that he was the son of a famous business tycoon Mr.Vikram Shah. Mr.Shah was a man of principles and he was adored by everyone around him. But it seemed that Punit had not inherited any of his virtues. Moreover, Mr. Shah was the trustee of RPCA, So Punit enjoyed his own reign in the academy.


On the 1st of November every year there was an inter-city cricket tournament. Punit was always chosen as the captain of RPCA even if there were other deserving candidates, just because he was the son of Mr. Shah.


Punit was actually a good-for-nothing captain. He used to pick up fights with the other teams and only for Punit the entire team of RPCA had been disqualified, many a times in the past three years. Mr. Sharma had had enough of Punit and this time he wanted Aman to lead RPCA. Aman, unlike Punit was like by one and all. He had won hearts by his humility and his mind-blowing cricket tactics. He had amazing leadership qualities as well, which lay hidden because he had never been given an opportunity.


Somehow Punit learned that Mr. Shah wanted Aman to lead the team. He became furious and confronted his coach. But, it yielded no results. The very thought of Aman leading RPCA got on his nerves. He was determined to castigate Aman. “If I inform Dad, he will tell me to relax and try harder next time. Huuuhhhh!!! No, it’s of no use. I’m almost 18, and I can handle my problems, I don’t need any one’s help”, Punit angrily murmured to himself. He clenched his fist in anger and violently swung his arm with the intention of throwing his bat. But just as he was about to release his grip, he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder.







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