Anita sat in her balcony sipping a steaming cup of coffee from her bone china cup and watching wisps of dense grey clouds floating across the sky, carrying away with them any possibility of bursting forth on the parched land below.

It seemed as if the passing clouds reflected her life – all blessings floating past her but failing to shower on her. A failed marriage, no children, deteriorating health conditions, hostile job environment, depleting finances and depression creeping in slowly and stealthily – wasn’t her life dried up and cracked open like a drought-stricken land?

As Anita sat reminiscing the bygone years of her life, anger, bitterness and self-pity crept into her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on the bright red and green floral-printed pillar.

Cast your burdens on me, for I care for you….I will change your sorrow into joy” – sounded a deep voice, as if someone had spoken into her ears loud and clear.

She opened her eyes with a startle only to feel a strong assurance deep down her heart that she was not alone and abandoned; she was loved and treasured by God who is sovereign in all circumstances.

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