Their love encounters start every evening in her living room when she sits alone waiting for his presence as there’s not a single night, that he has ever missed the opportunity of visiting her.

Despite of the objections from her family, she kept on offering what he craved for, in small portions, and with a frisky giggle on her face, she watched him nibbling onto them satisfactorily.

His cravings are such an amusement for her that it brings so much joy to her heart, sealing their bonding to be so unique and strong, making him bolder and greedier.

And one fine day, it so happened, out of sheer greediness he crossed all his boundaries and approached towards her in such a way that she was literally taken by surprise.

She jumped on the bed, shivering and screaming at the top of her voice, “Look at the courage of this creepy lizard, I gave him food everyday and now, he is trying to cross all his limits…

She became cautious for sure after that day, but she never stopped that relationship ever as she kept on throwing food at it in bits and pieces every night when she sits down on the floor for having her dinner.

Her love for all that, God has created was undoubtedly praiseworthy and she has many such beautiful friendly and funny encounters with a couple of creatures of this earth.