Radha reached home, letting herself soak completely the experience of the events that took place on that day. This was probably the first time in a long long time that she let her hair loose and cool her feet without inhibitions.

Her footsteps tapped the senses of Pragya and Samay who were very much lost in their own world, perhaps in themselves. Radha felt a bit awkward lest she disturbed the couple, but it was 11PM already and she didn’t expect Samay to be still there. Pragya formally introduced Samay and Radha. They exchanged pleasantries and in a couple of minutes Samay left.

So Madam how was your day? I know it’s a silly question because I know how your Sundays are, but still…” Radha was particularly mischievous, a little unlikely of her. And to her question she expected a likely Pragya trademark answer – loud and cheerful, volley of words, excited recitation of the events during the day. But this time Pragya surprised Radha with her reaction.

She embraced Radha tightly and Radha could feel dampness on her shoulder. She parted from Pragya and looked deeply into her eyes. And they had their “Pride And Prejudice” moment where Jane Bennet breaks the news of her engagement with Mr. Bingley to Elizabeth Bennet. Yes, Samay did pop the question and it was given a nod of affirmation by Pragya.

Oh Sweetie, what a news! Very happy for you“, exclaimed Radha and there were more hugs to follow. Amidst too much excitement and happiness Radha didn’t give an account of her day and even Pragya had so much to embrace and so the question didn’t cross her mind.

It was now 1 AM. Pragya slept, but Radha had so many thoughts crisscrossing her head. “How long you should know a person to be able to decide to spend lifetime with her or him?“, “How long is enough?“, “I really hope and wish wholeheartedly that Pragya isn’t another Radha“. Her bitter past always knocked the door of her conscience. But today it was a bit unusual. Radha couldn’t stay longer in those murky lanes of past and she shifted gears to the pleasant time she had just few hours before. Never before she had let any stranger take a walk in her lone time when she wrestled with herself.

That night passed and so did the day. Pragya was busy with her future-in-laws and of course with Samay. And Radha couldn’t blame her for that, after all she was going to take a big leap towards a new beginning, preparation was a must.

Meanwhile Radha was spending more time with Vansh for the upcoming launch of the project. Radha was concentrating on her responsibilities forgetting how Vansh behaved with her a couple of days ago but Vansh struggled to keep himself steady as he was feel guilty. When he found a little lone time with Radha, he approached her politely…

Radha, I am very sorry for behaving so rudely that day. I was very disturbed with that call I received from my Mom but I don’t want to give any excuses for what I did… I am really very sorry. Please forgive me.” He said as he held Radha’s hands.

Radha felt awkward as she is not so comfortable with this touching of hands or anything. She pulled her hands back and said, “It’s okay, Vansh. I haven’t known you much personally until recently that we are working together for the same project.” She paused and posed a question for him, “But what happened that day? Why were you so disturbed? If you feel okay, then you can share or else I won’t mind.”

Vansh, gathered himself and looked at Radha as he started to speak. “I had a very bad break-up three years ago and I could not move on from there. I do everything normal and talk normally with everyone but all I did was just pretending while carrying a heavy heart inside me. But that morning, my Mom scolded me a lot, telling me to be selfish and coward. I shouted back at her. My parents want me to move on and marry a girl whom they have chosen. Last two days were very tough. I was all alone during the weekend to myself and was lost in deep thoughts. Now, I decided I will give in to what my parents say and marry the girl they want me to marry. I would meet with her and share my heart before marriage and will surely build my home…I won’t go on like this anymore.” He took a deep breath and felt relieved sharing his heart with Radha.

He looked at Radha, who was absolutely quiet, lost in her own thoughts and thinking about her recent posts on her blog. Vansh smiled and said, “I am happy, I could share my heart with you, Radha.

I am very happy for you too, Vansh… Really very very happy for you and I wish a good life ahead… And yes, don’t forget to invite me and Pragya for your wedding.” Radha said as they both laughed for what she said jokingly.

That day while coming back to her home she was wondering about her own life. Why she has been so alone till now…? She is already 35 and a little after she might not get another good match… Vansh was younger than her… he decided about his life. Pragya decided about her life…It was only she who’s still so confused and undecided about her life. With all these thoughts going on in her mind, she reached home and quickly switched on her computer to check her blog. And there’s a comment from THE HAPPYGOLUCKY

“Why do we search for answers to all our queries?
Why can’t we let God handle all our worries?”

Dear Radha, sometimes we don’t get answers directly. We have to understand them by being watchful about how God works in our life. So go ahead and submit your worries to Him and listen to your heart… He will surely guide you.

Radha was startled by the response and was really overwhelmed. She looked around to make sure that Pragya is not there at home at that moment. She wanted to comment back and know this person for sure… So she wrote back…

Radha: “These were wise words. Thanks a lot. May I know, the person behind happygolucky? I want to interact more as I feel you answer to most of my queries.”

She pressed REPLY button and waited. She took her new phone and downloaded WP App quickly to login to her account so that she can have instant access to her blog. Before she logged in to her blog in the phone, she saw a notification on her computer. “Whoa, he is online then…” She clicked on his reply and read…

Happygolucky: “Lol… If I would have let everyone know about my identity like you you had then I would have given my real name instead of this Happygolucky. I have my reasons… But I am inclined to your posts because you speak from your heart and I can see you have lots of queries in your mind. I wanted to help you out with my feedback on your posts. That’s all…

Radha: “That’s so sweet of you thank you Happygolucky… I respect your decision and really motivated with your responses to my blog posts. Thanks again… I will be satisfied with whatever minimum way we are interacting on this platform.”

She switched off her computer and decided to use her phone if she gets any reply. She was hungry and needed something to fill her stomach. And as she was making little Maggie for her to eat, she remembered what Pragya advised, “don’t read too much meaning into the replies. Let the virtual world remain virtual.She didn’t forget about the blogger but she put him aside as a virtual character keeping his wise advises in her mind.

Pragya returned really late that evening and was very tired. She went off to sleep right away wishing Radha goodnight. Radha was in the front room watching TV when she heard her doorbell ringing. It was no one but the next door old man. Radha usually gives him the ice and saying a goodnight but she had different plans for today. She asked him inside to which the old man felt little surprised. He came inside and took his seat on the couch, trying to figure out what Radha has in her mind.

Is everything alright, Beta?” He asked looking bit concerned.

Yes uncle, everything is fine. Just wanted to ask you something very personal.” Radha said politely.

Go on, my dear…ask away…” He responded as he looked at her intently.

How is Akash, your son as a person? I mean before his marriage to that lady?” She posed a question which the old man was never expecting. But she has two reasons of asking this question. Firstly, she could feel her heart little warm when she thinks about that new person around her, especially after yesterday. Secondly, she wanted to reunite this father and son as they both needed each other at this point of their lives.

The old man adjusted himself on the couch before he spoke. “Akash was the best son ever anyone can have, my dear. We as parents were proud of him. He was excellent in every aspect of his life. And that was what hurt me the more when we expected more from him, he disappointed us.” He felt choked with emotions. Radha pressed her hands his and consoled him and replied…

He was the same Akash, Uncle… even today.” She smiled while the old man looked very surprised thinking how Radha says so when she was so angry when he told her about his condition earlier.

How do you know?” He asked curiously.

Radha smiled and said politely, “I got to spend most of the time with him yesterday, Uncle. I reprimanded for what he did with you. But he broke down and explained everything from the beginning till now…” And Radha explained everything to the old man. He was stunned and could not speak much after listening the whole matter about Akash.

Akash is very lonely and in the hotel. He was returning back… but it was we, who asked him to wait for sometime… Uncle, please forgive him… I am just like your daughter… can you not do it for me…?” Radha was overwhelmed as well, seeing the old man speechless and emotional. He got up and walked out of her apartment just nodding her without uttering a single word.

Radha was worried for him but was happy… Why she was happy she was not sure of it… she was just smiling and feeling very happy… She felt her heartbeats beating faster… She walked inside her bedroom and lay herself gently on it… She looked at Pragya who was sleeping like a log. She smiled and closed her eyes shut.

(It’s a joint venture from both Kalpana and Chiradeep)