She stood there, her curiosity almost getting the better of her. She took a breath and knocked on his door frame as if she just arrived.

Vansh said a quick goodbye and hung up. He stared at her for a moment. “What do you need Radha? Can’t you see I am very busy with calls?

He was very curt with her and she stiffened her spine, glaring at him for his tone.

I just came for the files for the Rankara account,” she snapped. How dare he speak to her in such a manner! He grabbed the file and nearly threw it at her.

There is the file. Now leave me to my work,” he said and turned his back on her. She was tempted to hit him over the head with the file. Instead, she growled and stalked off, muttering under her breath.

Who had he been talking to and who was the “she” he referred to? Was he being forced to do something against one of the women here?

She returned to her own cabin and sat down, lost in thought. Something was going on and Vansh was right in the middle of it all.

She sighed and began her own work, her mind reeling with thoughts of the old man and his son and the phone call she overheard. The comments from happygolucky were also there in the chaos of her mind. She would need to be extra vigilant from now on not only here but at home as well. Why is she so affected by the blogger? Why does she literally connects everyone to happygolucky, her virtual friend… more of a virtual admirer she can say…!!! Her mind was not steady yet she had to work.

She worked until lunch time then went to the companies cafeteria to get some food. She looked around and saw Vansh in a corner talking to another male whom she did not recognize. Maybe a friend or relative. She dismissed them both and finished her lunch.


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