For a change Radha was happy to step out of her house into this chaotic traffic. The interaction with Akash and his father had left her a bit shaken. She did not want to pry into a private matter but at the same their story intrigued her. She got a seat in the bus, put on her earphones and relaxed. One of her favourite songs came pouring in –

Kissi ki muskurahton pe ho nisar
(Fall in love with someone’s smile)
Kissi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar
(If possible take away someone’s pain)
Kissi ke vaste ho tere dil mein pyaar
(If you have love in your heart for someone)
Jina issi ka naam hai
(Then, that’s the way life should be)

On reaching the office all thoughts of Akash and the old man went flying out of the window. There was a big meeting lined up. The whole of finance and marketing department was working on it. Their company was going to launch the new product in a big way. Vansh was representing the marketing department. She was from finance. Staff from other departments were also present. Vansh gave a brilliant presentation about the features of the new launch and the steps involved in the whole process. Every department was allotted their respective jobs. She was quite impressed by the way Vansh handled the presentation and the questions after that. Radha thought to herself “Ok so Vansh has brains also along with good looks and humour… Great combination…

Next couple of days were a whirlwind of activities. They had to work out the detailed cost of each activity, get approvals and things lined up for the launch. She spent a lot of time with Vansh and others in the team even though the work was intense they were enjoying themselves. And Radha could see that Vansh had this great quality to insert humour into very serious and intense conversations and lighten up the mood. At least, it eased off the pressure for sometime… but at the same time he had an eye for details. Not a single loose end missed his sharp eye.

Friday evening, after the wrap up of the launch show they all finally relaxed and let their hair down. There was a mini celebration of sorts happening in their team. Everyone was congratulating each other for a good show. Radha just took her plate of snacks and sat in a corner. Soon Kavya from Customer Service dept joined her. She was a cute perky girl always updated on the latest office gossip. While Radha and Kavya were chatting the topic of Vansh came up. Kavya looked at Vansh chatting and laughing in a group and said “By looking at him can you tell that a couple of years ago he had a breakup with his long time girlfriend and he was completely heartbroken!

What are you saying? Where did you get this news from? What happened exactly?” Radha bombarded her with questions.

Kavya loved it that she had complete attention of Radha now… she savoured the moment and then replied “They were college sweethearts I think. They both worked in the same company. I have heard that they were inseparable. But no one knows what happened one day they suddenly broke off. The girl left the job and the city too. He was completely heart broken. After sometime he too changed jobs and came to our company.
This is all I know.

Radha was stunned. She kept thinking about Vansh and his tragic love story. What must have happened??

She reached home and was still lost in her thoughts. Pragya was not at home. She had gone out with some office friends. Radha changed into her night suit and opened her laptop. She wrote –

Was no one happy?
Is everyone hiding some or the other sorrow in their hearts.

Har kissi ko mukamal jahan nahin milta…
(Everyone does not get complete universe)
Kissi ko zameen to kissi ko asman nahin milta…
(Some don’t get the land, some don’t get the sky…)

She stopped typing…

What would have cause the breakup between Vansh and his girlfriend. Has he moved on or is he hiding a broken heart behind this jovial nature?” Thoughts kept wandering in her mind. Suddenly she was thinking about the old man and his son Akash. Pragya had told her that he was a doctor. How could a doctor himself be the cause of so much heartache for his father. “I have been so busy with this launch don’t even know whether the two reconciled or not” thought Radha. She made a mental note to ask Pragya tomorrow if she knew anything…

Suddenly there was a ping in her blog. The comment was from happygolucky. “Oh my…in this chaos of launch I completely forgot about his incomplete feedback on my last post. Has he completed it this time? With trembling hands she clicked on the notification.


  1. Excellent extension, Kuljeete
    Radha’s search for the person behind happygolucky is becoming more and more difficult. And I am happy you brought an issue in Vansh’s life which might make Radha think about the blogger more reflecting on Vansh’s past. Great great… loved it.


  2. Great read. All the dots joined so well Kuljeet. I am glad that happygolucky is back in picture and vulnerability of Vansh just opens up new dimension to this story. I couldnt stop thinking if Vansh is happygolucky 😁


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