Radha waited for nearly about 15 minutes before the curtains of her eyelids were drawn without her consent and she slipped into the cluster of dreams.

As the alarm buzzed in the morning Radha woke up and instantly she gazed at the laptop screen that she left unattended last night and it read “Your Session Has Expired, Try Again“.  In no mood to start the login exercise again and in a hurry to kick start the day she closed the flap and got busy with her chores.

She got ready and Pragya was still on bed tossing and reluctant to get up. Radha “Ms.Lazy aren’t you getting late for the office? Get up” pulling the blanket playfully and irritating Pragya.

Rads! What’s your problem? I know you are jealous of me because I get that “Extra” moments of bliss and you don’t have any work from home options too. Poor you! This is called living life queen size. I will be at home today, will talk to you in the evening. For now BRB” and then she pulled the blanket and covered her face while her hand stuck out and waved bye to Radha.

Radha smiled and shook her head and said “lucky lazy girl, bye see you in the evening ” and left for the office.

When she reached office, an important meeting was awaiting her.  Management of the company planned a year long project and people from different departments were grouped together to work on the same.  Radha and Vansh were grouped together along with few other colleagues.  As Radha was busy with her work on workstation Vansh came, pulled a chair and sat next to her.

Hi Radha” he greeted, and she responded cordially.

So are you ready to walk hand in hand?” Vansh asked in a deep voice gazing at her face. She was startled and fumbled “wh…What?

What what? Madam we are in a team now. Finance and Marketing needs to go hand in hand for the success of this project. So I just wanted to be sure if you are all set to embark on this journey or have any second thoughts” Vansh clarified.

Radha clearing her throat and nodding her head in affirmation ” yes of course I am ready“.

Great then, let’s begin from tomorrow ” Vansh said in a pumped up tone and left.

Radha sighed and rebuked herself “concentrate on work Radha. Don’t read too much between the lines“.

As she was caught up with her work Pragya texted her  “let’s dine out today” and soon program was fixed.

But unfortunately it didn’t materialise as planned and the girls settled for a pizza and Netflix.

As Pragya was totally invested in her pizza and Netflix watch, Radha was lost in checking the comment section for her last blog and obviously for that one comment which today just read “Why Not…..” leaving her more confused.

She was restless, could feel butterflies in her stomach thinking about that comment. “What does that mean”, ” what inference shall I draw” and many more What’s and Why’s paraded in her mind before she finally broke her silence and ripped her heart to Pragya.

Pragya responded, “relax girl, must be a internet glitch that the other person couldn’t type beyond Why Not” and they had a Laugh Out Loud moment.

But those bursts of laughter from Radha were just a camouflage her oscillating restless mind.