Advice is like – the more we give, the more we hate them. There is an interesting aspect for advice when we are at a younger age, we tend to listen but as we grow up, the listening skills enhance only in the case of negative advice. It seems that we have all our ears dedicated to the negative aspects.

Being a mom – I am more or less advising my kids every now and then, that even at times they stop me from doing so. (seems they are bored now itself).

Interestingly when the other person is in trouble, we are all filled with virtues, ideologies, ideas and much more. We become more like saints in that way even when we might not be able to correlate to various aspects, we can well ahead advice anyone.

All we need is the magic of words, weaved together in the most comfortable way to push into the person to make them viable and understandable.

Here is my share of advice :

  1. First- Stop Overdoing – Out of exemplifying experience, I know that we all tend to do a lot more to our loved ones and even strangers. It is ideal to stop overdoing things because we are always taken for granted.
  2. Secondly – Stop Overthinking – Thinking is good, but overthinking leads to troubles which never existed in the first place. I have seen people over imagining and then finally making up a different story for a simple aspect of life. Don’t you think that making it much more complicated is making your life chaos?
  3. Thirdly – Stop Overloading – Being a mother, I had .. No actually, I have a very bad tendency to overload myself. At times you need to relax, cherish some free time for yourself- as none can take care of you other than yourself.
  4. Fourth – Stop Underestimating – We all degrade ourselves a lot at times. Think of yourself as a perfect creation of God, as for sure God doesn’t make such mistakes. Be strong and lead strong.
  5. Fifth – Stop OverExpecting – Expectation is like poison. The higher we expect, the more we get hurt. It is better to go with the flow. Do not expect anyone to be a part of your life, because you want it that way.

These five pieces of advice, I cherish the most and try to include them in my life. It is just my share of advice which I give everyone I love.

Hence in short -Stop Overdoing, Overthinking, Overloading, Underestimating and OverExpecting and live a happy life.