Not all of us are givers, but when it comes to giving advice, we are all full of wisdom and exhibit a willingness to share our two pence. On a funny note, you get the maximum numbers of advice when you are unwell, from your mother to your neighbour, everyone will give you advice, even your Rickshawala. But above all these bits of advice is one more advice that says, “Listen to all, but trust only a few.”

So here are my five advice, follow only if your heart allows.

One for Health.

“Drink lots of water.” Water is the elixir of life. It lubricates joints, helps form saliva and mucus, delivers oxygen throughout the body, boosts skin health, regulates body temperature, streamlines the digestive system, maintains body temperature, prevents kidney damage, and and and…saves you from a bad hangover. The best part I like is that it can be consumed in forms of yummy juices, delicious coconut water and other lovely drinks.

One for wealth.

“Always be a good steward of your wealth.” You may significantly have a secondary income apart from your principal salary but if you don’t manage your wealth well then you will be a pauper one day or other. However slim the possibility might seem, but there is always a chance you might lose your job, your business goes in loss, or your services are terminated. In such times you shouldn’t get into a hand to mouth situation or even worse than that. To make sure always invest in something that gives you a regular income, learn to save money before spending and be a good manager of your wealth. Do not be greedy but save for the time of trouble.  

One for Love

“When in love, just give, give and give.” I know it sounds very filmy and very preachy, but it will solve most of the problems you have concerning love. When love enters our life, it comes with passion, expectations, desires and happiness. But have you ever thought we want more from the one we love and think less about what we are doing for him/her? What they will give you isn’t in your hands, but what you will provide them with is in your control. Give them your time, your companionship, your care, your counsel. Just imagine if everyone follows this simple rule, no one will be left needing and wanting, everyone will give, and in turn, everyone will get.

One for Happiness.

“Don’t share all your secrets.” Most of have someone we trust more than ourselves. We have complete faith in them, and thus we share everything, A to Z with them. But beware friends. Know that you will feel ditched and cheated by that very same person at least once in your lifetime. Today they are your best friend, or sister or lover, but tomorrow they might have moved away from you, estranged from you, fought with you. Even a small misunderstanding can turn friends into enemies, and that one time, you will regret sharing your deepest secret with them. So be on your guard and keep your deepest secrets with yourself and carry them to your grave.

One for Life

“This too shall pass.” In this one life, we go through many bright patches and many dark phases, but the truth is, they are just phases, spots, they will pass. Time never remains the same for anyone. It changes because change is the only thing constant, and we should embrace these two truths as soon as possible. Only then we will be able to evolve with ever-changing times. So whenever you are happy to look in the mirror and say out loud, “This too shall pass,” and whenever you are sad to look in the mirror and say out loud, “This too shall pass.” I promise you, this mantra will keep you rooted when you are floating in the air, and it will keep you uprooted when you will think you can’t stand life anymore. 

So I have done my share of advising. Now the ball is in your court. Go ahead and live healthily, live happily, live wealthy, live content and never regret.