I was in my 9th grade when I read my first novel. Of course, there were short stories, fairy tales, comics, etc that I read before. But that book, Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your Dreams”, Gosh! I could not put it down. Started at 9pm on a school night and sat throughout the entire night and finished it!. The complex characters, the story just captured my attention like never before. From that day to this day, I could never put a good book down, rather a good story! I think that holds true for a lot of people…. I love how writers describe things, it could be a character, a strong, a situation… even small things such as describing the weather or an object. The minute details make all the difference! Transporting people into a time and place they want to, what a wonderful talent to have. I believe that was my first inspiration behind the writing. I started working with candles online a few years ago when my brother asked me if I wanted to… and writing for this also helped me realize I want to pursue a professional career in the writing field. I have been working as a content writer for the past four years.

However, all I have ever wanted to do was tell a story…. It could be an ordinary story, of an everyday event of an ordinary person…. But the words were written could just touch even one person… a little girl lying awake on a school night and not being able to put the book down. That’s the dream! I continue to write with that vision in my mind…

We are all recognized or identified
by our attitudes.