During my childhood, I used to enjoy reading my grandfather’s articles. Although I didn’t understand much at that time, I just felt great about the fact that he could write so much. He used to write a lot of articles for newspapers and magazines, poems, and even diary notes for himself. From complex writings on social causes to simple diary notes, he used to write almost daily. After he passed away,  I went through his diaries in which he maintained his daily entries. On some day there were 3-4 lines, while some days just a line would suffice like “Unwell”, or “It rained today”.

Following his footsteps,  I also started to write diary entries,  though not every day like him. In school,  my interest in creative writing developed.  I also used to write long letters to my sisters Kuljeet and Prabhjot regularly and even tried my hands in composing poems. I loved writing my heart out. It was fun and I loved it. As I grew older, I got busy into the nitty-gritty of life and forgot about my hobby. 

After so many years,  I joined Candles Online and I love being a part of it. I like sharing my own experiences and stories. Despite the fact that I don’t use the traditional way of writing anymore,  I enjoy pursuing it as an avocation with the help of my smartphone. 

When you fail to express yourself vocally,  try to put your thoughts into words. Trust me,  you will be thrilled to see the outcome.