The moment this topic “Hidden in my heart” was given, one of the hilarious incidents flashbacked in my mind and I immediately messaged my sister Prabhjot about it.

It was her tenth board exam that day and I walked down to the bus stop with her. On our way,  one of the neighbours shouted to Prabhjot, “Best of luck beta, do your best.”

Thank you aunty”,  replied Prabhjot sincerely. That was her simple reply to a simple wish. But in her mind,  there was something else. As we came to a distance from that neighbour, Prabhjot spoke her heart out to me – “Thank you, aunty, for reminding me that I have to put in my best,  else I was just going to while away my time in not writing the answers properly. Thanks for saving me.

We sisters burst out laughing till our stomach ached.

Now,  getting back to the serious stuff- hidden in my heart.

When someone asks, “how are you”, we simply reply, “fine,  thanks”, but many of us want to say much more like, “No, I am not fine. My maid didn’t turn up today, I had to do the cleaning chores myself, got my daughter ready for school, who told last night that she has to submit her science project today. So, I completed her project by waking up all night, and after 4 hours of sleep, I am here in your office, tired and sleep-deprived, for your stupid meeting, which could have waited. So, if you think, it’s ok, I am fine, having a great time.

Of course, we can’t say such statements to anyone, except with those whom we can share our thoughts and talks. And it’s better to talk out your heart to your near ones, whenever you feel heavy because that burden will weigh you down and bring in the negativity around you.

Recently, I was vacationing in my hometown, with my two sons. I was updating my pictures on social media after every event. Most of the people felt that I was having a great time. Of course,  I did, but that was only for a few 3-4 hours of a day. Rest 20 hours, I was busy in my permanent ‘refereeing’ job. Yes, I had a gala time indeed, but simultaneously had a terrible time in being a referee during the frequent quarrels between my sons. Shouting at them,  raising my pitch almost every 15 minutes, pulling my hair out, I almost felt that I made a mistake in coming with these two little monsters. Other than that, my summer holidays went smooth as silk (pun intended). Of course, all this can’t be put on social media. Thank God,  I have many ears to listen to the saga of my ordeals!

A couple of years more, as my near and dear ones say,  then it’s all going to be fine. As I wait for their sibling rivalry to turn into the best friendship, I will try being patient (as in sufferings). Till then I am fine,  thank you!