It was a normal day for me, I hurriedly finished all my household works and went to my desk to start my work. Not a joke, I am A freelance content writer, with at least a decent amount of work daily. As I sat to work, and it was a holiday for kids, so I ensured they both had enough things to play with before settling down.

After some time, I could see that y little ones have become ninjas and hiding around as if spying on me. I remained to do my work, with my third eyes opened and my ears sharp enough to listen to what was going on around. They both were tiptoeing and walking around my workspace, all it leads me to be completely losing my concentration at what I was doing. I could see them, but I pretended to be completely unaware.

They both were taking things from the table nearby, like Fevicol, sellotapes, paper, colour pencil which I have already asked them not to touch. The moment I turned around to look at them as they were sneaking around, they stood frozen like still… It actually did make me laugh, as I was dumbstruck, how did they imagine I could not see them.

This is actually a quite common scenario at home. They take chocolates and other eatables from the fridge and keep on munching all day long. Even though I see, at times I just and does ensure I get a share of what they take, ensuring that I inform them I know what they do.

Am a mommy who is like the Vodafone advertisement-Wherever you go, I am there.. 😛

But, I did think about why they were hiding it from me?

It was the mere fact, I was a little angry whenever they took things unnecessarily and played with.

So Do you know what I did to correct myself?

I called them both and told, that you need not hide from me, as you see, I see everything. And yes momma is your friend.

I enjoy these little hiding games they do with me.

My younger on the other side, she just walks right in front of me, with her big eyes, protruding and a small smile on her lips which is out of the excitement of doing naughty things.  She smiles as I keep an eye on her, and she smiles at me too, trying to deviate my attention from what exactly she was doing.

I smile, just to assure her, that Yes Momma didn’t see anything and it Just brightens her smile – To which I get flattened.

Even though I turn a blind eye towards their play, I ensure to keep a check on it. It is sometimes my daughter returns from school all moody and cranky. I know it is tiredness or something that bother her and making her all cringy. I try my best to stay calm and understand from her part.

To lighten the mood, when she shares the trauma to me, I do ensure that it is all a part of school life. And I hold her closer to me and assure her that nothing in the world will hurt her when I am around. But again, I always wanted her to tell the truth rather than hide it from me. I become her friend and to be her secret keeper. It gives me immense happiness when she throws me the brutal truth than a lie. It shows me, how strong she is.

Being a mother is a true hurdle to cross, and it is impossible without trust.

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