A little girl sat in the crowd. Her expressions read that she was upset, her eyes were already a pool, waiting for a moment to drop and shed the burden of her eyes and eventually her heart. It never happened though.

Hours passed.

She was bullied and had her confidence drop dead. All she did was eat and talk a lot. Was it not something a kid should do? Her thoughts wandered and she questioned her mind over and over again. It was not easy for a mere 8 years old to understand and land on conclusions.

Yet not a drop of tear rolled down. She smiled and none noticed the pool she was holding in her eyes. She was starving, yet she didn’t munch. None around her, even her loved and close ones, couldn’t notice a change in her.

It was a normal day, then. As the night was on, and time to sleep. She jumped on to her bed and waited for silence to creep in, and then heart burst out into tears. It was again never easy.

She hid her tears. 

She hid her sorrows.

She hid her embarrassment.

She hid her pain.

She hid it all, to see everyone around her smile. 

Even her scream was hidden to the world. The next day she woke up and smiled again ready to deal with the world, who never appreciated her shortcomings.

Hiding something in life has become a part and parcel in her life. Be it the truth or even happiness.

But why do we hide our emotions?

It might be the reason, that the ones whom we shared never ever took a look at what we might feel. It also might not be the reason that the person won’t ever understand, but also when we are in a matured state that the person can’t stand the pain or whatever is hidden about.

When ones right is another one wrong, it is hard to make anyone understand anything.

In Today’s world, most of the victim of abuse hide it, it is not because they enjoy the pain. It is because the world will never understand until they deal it on their own.

Hiding arises when our exuberance is responded with an “Shhh…”. It grows more and more, as our exhilaration is not validated. As it grows, the more we feel ashamed of ourselves and we tend to hide. And we finally instinctively protect ourselves from the world outside into a shell. And for everything happening around us, hiding becomes a reflexive emotion.

Here are things, one can do, to overcome hiding :

  1. Accept it is not your flaw, but a learned behaviour.
  2. Accept rejections, Come on it isn’t Worlds End.
  3. MAke friendship with people who can accept you as you are.
  4. Be positive whatever may happen.

Ones we deal with tour inner feelings and convince that we are not the imprisoners of our fears, we stop hiding. It is said that, once we start hiding, our heart becomes a collective whirlpool of emotions, that will ready to burst any time. Be it emotions, feelings or even regret, just letting it out makes life worth living.

We are just humans, prone to errors too.

The sooner we accept, the better we do.

Godin writes, “We’re lucky enough that the things we used to fear don’t happen so often anymore, so now we fear feelings.”


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