Close to 7-8 years back, I was going through a period of distress in my personal life. Writing greatly heals me so I started my own blog for which I wasn’t getting any readership. I started browsing looking for platforms where I could publish my blogs. I came across an interesting article on (another blogging website like Candles online). The article spoke about how connecting with God really helps. Since I was going through a hardship, I found the article really helpful. I posted a comment on the article thanking the author for bringing some inspiration in my life. Along with this, I too registered myself as an author on wrytestuff and started blogging endlessly.

For a few weeks, I did not get a reply on that comment. I was checking it quite regularly because I really wanted to connect with this author. I almost thought this guy must be some established author, maybe too arrogant to reply to a petty comment on his article. But one day he replied and to my surprise, it was a very warm and friendly reply. He mentioned that he was away and had not logged into this website for certain reasons. He too became regular with his blogging and we started following each other quite regularly. Wrytestuff had certain assignments for the writers, I remember waiting for his article so that we could talk about it. There was no WhatsApp those days, so we used to chat over Facebook and Gtalk.

Needless to say, we had endless discussions, debates, generation of new ideas and fun together. One thing led to the other and I contributed to Candles for the first time on his request. At that time candles was a printed version. I was very surprised to see his dedication over getting Candles printed and distributed as much as he could in his personal capacity. Eventually, in July 2015, candles online was born. And he catered to it like a baby. Right from designing the logo, bringing up the website, hunting for writers, keeping the writers family close and connected, basically being a great leader to Candles – he did everything. I am so glad that I am connected to him as a friend.

Just like his first article gave me strength and inspiration, even now I browse through his articles when I am looking for strength. Often I have tried to analyze what it is about his writings that I am so attracted to. I have realized that he is God loving person, he draws his strength from his belief in Jesus. I have always been a non-believer, non-religious person hardly ever resorting to prayers when I am in distress. His articles mostly talk about his belief and love for God. The kind of person I am, sometimes I also used to find his articles a bit irrational (usually when my super logical mind takes better of me). However, almost always I find his articles very soothing and comforting. I wouldn’t say that I have started believing in God now but something inside my belief system has shaken after knowing him for so long and working with him.

As a friend, I know what his hardships have been, but the article “Reinventing self is finding joy in our hardtimes” really brought tears to my eyes. I realized how one person’s belief can help him pull through even in worst of times. My hardships may be different than his. My ways of searching for comfort are also very different than him. But there is connect that I feel when I read this article which is very comforting. There are many more of his articles that define his concept of God so clearly. And even though I don’t have a strong belief, it helps me a lot to get going during hard times. When I am lost in this chaotic and super confusing world, his articles gives me that ray of light that I know if I follow I would be taken care of. This is enough to pull me up together and move on.

On a lighter note, he also writes good humor. Among many of his light-hearted articles, my favorite is “How on earth am I in the midst of babies”. This one is really funny and I like the way he manages to bring out humor even in the situation that was painful for him. The way he has told his tale in this article is very simple and funny.

It is not just the articles but the way this person brings out the creativity in each of us with his great ideas and close to perfect execution of these ideas is commendable. He initially came up with face 2 face interviews, a great way to connect with different people and bring them in the spotlight for our readers. My favorite interview is “Kalpana Vogeti – A woman who believes in smiling from within” To extend these interviews he even came up with an idea that all writers must interview each other and that resulted in a week of Spotlights named “Discovering Self”, this makes me feel like closely knit family of writers who are quite daring to bring out their lives in open for the world.

A few months back, he started the story relay – this concept turned out to be a great hit among the writers and readers. We started with the story “What is Home?” However, my favorite is “The Road to Home”.

To keep the readers (and writers) engaged, he also started with FB Best Caption and Charlie’s Wish. Needless to say, this man’s creativity is limitless. He is not only a great writer but also a great leader and an awesome friend. I am so glad to be the part of this team which is no less than a family headed by our dear Charlie. His name is Chiradeep and he is often referred to as Boss or Charlie in our group. He is the glue that keeps this family together and Candles burning forever.

(Dedicated to @chiradeepnf)


  1. Absolutely bang on.. you have described this amazing person whom we call Charlie and his writing with absolute accuracy.. I too have found solace in his articles and also in my chats with him . You are a gem of a person Chiradeep.. one in a million kinds.. Keep spreading the light of the candles online always..

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  2. Rightly captured, Prabhjot! He has in fact set a benchmark for being a creative blogger – exploring as many literary areas as can be thought of. And, I’m sure there’ll be more surprises in Charlie’s sack 🙂


  3. You have written so beautifully, describing Chiradeep in words. Rightly said- he’s the glue of candles online!


  4. @prabhjotvarsha, you took me back to the memory lane where I started dreaming of having something where I can touch people, interact with them and help them live a purposeful life. I had always dreamt to help people and I finished two counseling courses through distant education yet, everything seemed a waste till I conceptualized Candles Online. I remember, how I met @sulagnalive and then you @prabhjotvarsha and I would always be thankful for Wrytestuff or Searchwarp which made me what I am today, by Grace of God of course. Thanks for such a beautiful piece and let all glory be to Him who let me do all these till now.


  5. Superb one Prabhjot!
    Let me first take the credit, I come to know Mr Boss only on 9th Jan 2016 but I can bet, within these few years, I have spent more time with him than anyone in our team. 😁😍 No doubt he is a creative thinker and a very loving person, probably that’s what tuned us. He is also a good hunter – hunting talents not animals 😉 One of those hunt is I am. I had never thought I can pen something ever, in our first few hours of meeting he asked me to write for Candles and I was thinking – this man has gone mad and I am pretty sure, he will regret. Who am I to write! Now, I realize I was wrong then. God has gifted us many talents which we don’t know. But One day at time, He sends someone to dig that talent in us. No doubt, that person is Chiradeep Bhai.
    His hunt is now just a few scores to century.
    We fight, pulls each others leg and also shares beautiful time. His articles, wow, I love to read but when he writes long long one – oh I feel exhausted.
    “Bhai” is indeed a blessing for me.
    Uff…jyada utha diya 😂😂😂

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