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September 16, 2016, was the day when this lady commented on Candles Online for the first time as a reader of this blog. Her younger sister, Prabhjot asked me to encourage her to join Candles Online and this comment gave me the opportunity to initiate my conversation with her.

FOUR days later on September 20, 2016, I got the opportunity and I would like to leak a few things about the initial conversations that we had the very first time. I hope that won’t upset her.

All she had about herself was negative – “I am not as talented as my younger sister…”, “I am more of the laidback sister…”, “Let’s hope I can put up a decent article”.

But I am a person who never leaves people in negativity. I kept on pushing her and motivating her till she wrote her first article on Candles Online – “LET’S TWEAK OUR CUSTOM A BIT“. That day she actually tweaked her own custom of being a non-writer and became a writer, unknown of that very fact herself.

I would like to confess that her first article of 281 words which I thought of inflating it a bit by adding few more words before publishing made me think about my selection a bit at that moment, though I usually don’t lose hope on someone. But guess what? Kuljeet Saini became the most loved writer on Candles Online who left everyone with a thought to ponder upon starting from her second article on Candles Online – “DRESSED TO KILL“. That was a hilarious yet very powerful article. She got 11 votes on that particular article. Usually, votes are from anonymous readers so 11 is a very good number. That day again I patted myself again with a smile and in my heart, I thanked Prabhjot for bringing her sister in.

The article which stamped Kuljeet as my ace writer (though I don’t rate or rank my co-writers in any manner) was – “MY AFFAIR WITH THE GREEN EYED MONSTER“. She never looked back again. Her articles never lacked feedbacks. She was highly appreciated for her write-ups which were from the first-hand experience, written wholeheartedly and absolutely relatable.

Another special skill of Kiljeet which really makes her my favourite is her ability to give very catchy Titles to her all the articles. It was only on one occasion I had to give a title to her article otherwise she herself does that every time.

As a person, she is an adorable character with a pleasing personality. She is very warm and cheerful. I am sure whenever she speaks she brings a joyful vibe to the other person as she does to me whenever I speak with her over the phone. In our group, she is lovingly called as – Killjeet instead of Kuljeet. As a writer, she reflects her true self in her articles and never shies away to confess her own weaknesses. That’s one quality which I love about her so much. She is always open to healthy discussions about life and God.

Now, I remembered our initial conversation once again as I am concluding this article… She said – “I was not as talented as my younger sister“. I have a smile on my face now as I realized – She was right that day. She isn’t talented like her sister. But her talent was different and very special than everyone else. Her beginning as a writer was delayed and small yet her write-ups provide comfort as cool tree-shade for weary pedestrians. She is an asset for Candles Online.

In closing, I am happy to have her in my team, may God Bless her and let her write more such fabulous articles till the end.

(Dedicated to @kuljeetsaini )


  1. Chiradeep I had tears in my eyes reading this article… You are the person who gets the most credit for instilling confidence in me.. I never would have dared to write had it not been your encouragement.. Thanks for patiently listening to me, Thanks for being so inspiring, Thanks for this review, Thanks for starting a platform like Candles Online, Thanks for being a wonderful friend, Thanks for just being you ….. 😘😘


    1. You had it within you and I just had to fan the flame to burn the jungle, Kuljeet 😛
      I am happy you had tears in your eyes. They can clean your eyes and let you see things well that I didn’t do anything.at all. Lol

      Thanks for that sweetest comment, Buddy. God bless you!

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  2. Indeed Chiradeep Bhai!
    Being the reason of someone’s smile is a gift of God, Kuljeet there is no doubt you are being blessed with such goodness of God. Always find that factor in our chat conversations. In regards to your articles, firstly those are not too long 😊 which is too good to connect and influence our world filled with busy and less patience readers. You can count me in that! 😀 Secondly, your articles are very much relateable and gives a possible take away. Keep going 👍👍👍
    Waiting for many more great read from you. Thank you.

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  3. One of my favourite writers on Candles Online! Lucid, candid, thought-provoking and inspiring writings – always!!
    Keep going . . . you are touching hearts!


        1. Oh man, what a powerful review. And yes I agree with every word of this write up.
          I so wanted you to start writing since ages. Always knew that you can touch people deep. And I just knew that Chiradeep can convince you and he did. Vollaa, we got a great writer in our team.


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