It was the month of October 2018, under the scorching heat, I arrived at the Railway station which was again half an hour away from our home. There was unusual tensions in my mind and unanswerable questions that I kept mumbling in my head. As I approached my home, my anxiety was on high alert… My home sweet home, where my heart resides. It had lost its glory.

The faded walls, the markings of the water, which hinted me the level of water, the stained doors and the lost furniture, it all just took me a few months back, when there was a natural disaster. The unending rains, that flooded our beautiful village.

It was a rainy month, every day it rained, unstoppable was the water level that was rising in the dam. Every now and then, our eyes were hooked on the television, which was flooding with the news on the disaster happening in our own Kerala. All I could see,  on TV was the flooding rivers, the demolishing homes, the landslides and much more. It was indeed causing too much pain. I wondered then, what was happening in my native. Being away from my hometown, these never physically cause damage to me, but mentally I was disturbed.

It was torrential rain, and in my Facebook group of our native place, was flooding with queries from Pravasi (NRIs) from everywhere asking about how is the condition in my place. My WhatsApp was again continuously in use, as my cousins and friends who were stuck at homes, began to message that the water level was rising. The panic was just heightening, hence I couldn’t concentrate on anything in my home.

I began to coordinate with few friends away from our place, off for jobs and all I did was just be a part of that group, wholeheartedly. We began sending location details, and even details of families stuck. I was contacted by many people from my native, who were total strangers to me, yet, we all had one mission – that was to help our people be safe. Day and night we were just worried and still praying.

My grandmom who was 96, my other relatives including kids were stuck on the second floor of their homes for almost two and a half days. We kept on coordinating and still waiting for a positive message to receive from people. The same was going on for two more days until we received messages from the control room, they had done their best and many were saved.

Lost was lost forever, the shelter homes were filled, with people irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and even financial status. Everyone stood up together, under these rescue homes and slept together and ate together, still, there was a smile, for their life was saved.

We were all strangers till then, but after this, we all became like a family. Even after the rescue operations were done, there was a huge demand for food and other basic amenities like diapers, sanitary pads, medicines etc. , which was again a gruesome work to be done. My FB and other social media pages were just filled with requests and shares on major requests.

Even though I was not physically present in the situation, my heart and soul were here. To some, this might seem quite less, it is indeed not much. But in such a situation, even a positive response from somewhere is also like a light in the darkness.

It was what I did.

And Pray for everyone.

Even though the loss, is never regained, as we all are still reviving from that disaster. Even after months, I am still looking at the reminiscence of the great flood, which was again a day marked in History.