from a place
of depression
her fury grew
colliding with the cold sea

a battle she was destined
to win ~

the conflict intensified
and she threw
a fit of rage
with her naked hands
unleashing her wrath
in a swirling mass
from her skin ~

she made landfall
on every flower
and dreams
stripping them
from their colours
into grey ~

hours and hours
of her rage
shattered their skies

the sun hung high
looking for a course

and they swaddled
themselves in the dust
she left behind ~

their weary heads wake
amidst the aftermath
of the grey skies
they held on to

eyes drowning
the ones
that were lost

as they install
new fences
knowing that
it’s just a matter
of time
for her to be back
in another name
but same form

they just wished
to have perished
in her embrace
than to build
a life again
from the leftover
dust ~

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