I am born on the 13th and couple of years ago it happened to be on a Friday. One of my friend was teasing me on the week of my birthday saying coming Friday is the 13th and considered very unlucky. He said that the whole day, and finally was tired when I wasn’t really considering that bad luck. He was just making fun of me. But honestly there are people who consider 13th bad luck to a great deal. Some tall buildings don’t have 13th floor, some airlines don’t have 13th row, some corporates do not make any announcements on 13th, so on and so forth. I don’t consider myself bad luck or have a worse life. Sure, there are problems but who doesn’t have problems in their lives? Likewise, number 4 is considered bad in some Asian countries because the pronunciation is similar to word ‘death’. 


It amazes me when I see people following certain superstitions. There are a plethora of superstitions. We would have seen many around us touching wood, or say ‘touch wood’ to prevent a confident statement from bringing bad luck. Is redirecting bad luck so easy !? Saying bless you when we sneeze is said because the assumption is that by sneezing we are expelling evil. Fingers crossed – this one is very popular. Starting from students to sports teams we see people standing fingers crossed while waiting for the result for good luck. Itching hand, twitchy eye are considered good luck as well.



Seeing our face in a broken mirror, crossing a black cat, walking under the ladder, combing hair at night, cutting nails at night, sweeping the floor after sun sets, spilling pepper, singing while cooking might leave you single for life are all considered bad luck. If we bite our tongue then someone is thinking about us 🙂

These superstitions are our beliefs which have been around us for a long time. Most of the time we follow them without even thinking if that is going to help or not. Irrespective of what we do, what science says is if someone believes in a certain superstition, they feel better when they follow it. It might cloud their judgement to make some irrational decisions but still keeps them at peace. However, if they forget to follow, then it causes anxiety. They would be worried if anything bad might happen or link whatever bad happens to that particular superstition. 

Common superstitions are still alive today. We never know what can bring good luck to and why miss it? :p Do you refuse to walk under the ladder? Do you worry if a black cat crosses your way? Do you have any such superstitions and follow them? 

“What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears.” ― Alice Walker