There is no place like home. It’s our sanctuary, a safe haven, a place where we feel tranquil, away from the hustle bustle of the day to day life. It is a place where we can reflect on life. Have you noticed that in the house there is always a corner or a place or a room which becomes our favourite? We want to spend our free time there. My house is full of such corners. Each member of the family has a favourite place.

Let’s start with the youngest in the family. Most of his free time my younger son can be seen sitting on a chair next to the computer table in one corner of my room, eyes glued to the computer screen, a window by his side with cool the breeze coming in and he is immersed in the make-believe world of the computer games. His favourite songs playing on the computer. If he is allowed he will do his homework there, have his food also sitting there and spend all waking hours there. Of course, he is not allowed to do that but I can safely declare that as his favourite corner in the house.

For my elder son, it’s the couch in the living room. With his legs propped up on the divan and a book or at times mobile phone in his hand and earphones plugged in he looks like a crocodile relaxing in the sun. He loves this place so much that if you take a look at my sofa you will see the difference, this particular couch shows more signs of wear and tear as compared to the others in the same set. 

My hubby is either tapping away on the laptop at the table or relaxing on the divan in the living room. I wonder how he finds it so comfortable. He is taller than the divan’s length and his legs dangle out but that is his favourite place to relax. I keep telling him that we have bigger beds in the house to relax but all my talks fall on deaf ears. To each his own.

As for me, let me confess first I am a born TV addict. So my favourite place is my room one corner of my bed. Television switched on in the background filling in the room with the dialogues of the latest sitcom and me completing all my mundane chores. Folding the clothes, ironing, setting things in the cupboard, cutting and chopping veggies, kneading the flour, putting covers on my kids books, making their school project etc. anything which is routine and mundane you can see me perched on one corner of my bed watching TV and finishing up the work as well. I am sure this confession makes me sound very uncool. These days no one wants to watch the daily soaps that the Indian television dishes out. But for me, I have always loved stories like people love to hear songs I love to hear stories so these daily soaps turn my otherwise mundane and routine jobs into something interesting.

Otherwise, also my room is my sanctuary. If you have ever stayed in a joint family you will understand, your room is the only part of the house which you can truly call your own. This is the place which you can decorate as you like and where you can sit or relax as you like without anyone else judging you. It is truly me: this room has witnessed many happy moments in my life and the pillow on my bed has soaked in countless tears of sorrow.

Which is your favourite haunt in your house? Do share…