Those who know me well, for them, I am a jolly and sensible girl (this is what I have heard about myself) but for others, I am a harsh and outspoken person. They think I get irritated easily and which is true to some extent.

I am very particular about things. I have always been in the discipline since my childhood. I love being organized. But that doesn’t mean I never enjoy and have fun. However, in spite of being a joker and doing circus every single minute, I love enjoying in a way that doesn’t seem odd and annoying. I have spent so many crazy moments with my friends (I am not talking about random batchmates and neighbors) and especially, with my hostel mates.

I hate complaining and I try my best to stay away from complaints. However, this can’t happen completely. No doubt, I laugh loudly and you will see my dimples throughout the day but I become grumpy when I get annoyed.

Those incidents are:

  • People mocking others: I had this batchmate of mine in college who would mock every other person entering the classroom. Let us call her ABC. ABC would not spare even the specially abled person. For ABC, the only perfect person was none but her. I know, I am still grumbling but this is the best I can do when I talk or hear about ABC. She still thinks why I was never good to her. Poor girl!
  • People cracking senseless jokes: Jokes are meant to make us laugh. But if every time you crack meaningless and illogical jokes, I am sorry you are at the pity of listeners.
  • Untidiness: Cleanliness is something which is very important and let me tell you there is no substitute for this. People being distant to cleanliness (here, I am talking about those who have enough resources to maintain cleanliness but still, they stay like trash) are never ever welcomed by me. I can’t waste my smile or a glance at such people, leave about time.
  • Lame excuses: I have seen my friends making lame excuses every now and then. This makes me mad. If you are unable to do something then just say it rather than making lame excuses. A final word is 10 times better than any flimsy talk.
  • Asking silly questions: Some people have the habit of bombarding silly questions at you. One of the most annoying questions I keep facing is, why don’t you eat more green vegetables to cure your eyesight. To such people pretending to be a great doctor, my answer is, not every specs wearer has vitamin A deficiency. I am a great lover of green vegetables and my plate is incomplete without green veggies. I never remember an incident when my mom had a hard time convincing me to eat carrots, spinach, and cabbage. My eyesight is poor because of the accident I faced and due to macular degeneration which is incurable.

Also, some will feel so pity of my short height and will ask, if I ever drank Complan or Horlicks? I guess they don’t know, genes do exist in biology and are responsible for our physique.

  • Sick mindset: I don’t understand why these people are on this earth. I wish if scientists could find a way to send them away from the earth’s atmosphere. For the reason, the mindset of these people contributes to the global warming effect. These people always have an uncontrollable urge to poke their nose and puke their annoying words. They have a problem when they see a 24+ girl being unmarried and their metabolism will not let them be in peace when exam results are out. Moreover, they want every girl to cook food and earn a surplus amount. I think these people should move on to Mars and spare mother earth.
  • Being an over smart: Smartness is important and it makes us look confident but showing excessive of it, especially when you know nothing, can backfire you. Whenever I come across such an overly smart person, I do grumble.

To overcome these, I just walk away and I take the help of ignorance. And sometimes, I don’t stop myself from slamming such people. Being grumpy can be a choice for some people but it is mostly due to the incident taking place around us.

Concluding, I would say, stay calm and pay no heed to things and people who make you grumble.