Dear Father,

Hope You are doing well there. I am fine here. It’s been long since I opened up about my feelings. Today I want to let it flow without any interruption or inhibition.

I want to tell you how much I miss you. The lateral distance between us seems irrelevant as I find you by my side every day in my dreams. Every time I cook your signature dishes I miss your touch in them. Every moment I watch my kids grow up I can imagine your expressions and reactions if you were around them. Every year when my trips are due to my homeland I can visualize how happy you would be to receive me. Whenever I have a disagreement with mom I know you would vouch for me. To put it plain and simple you are never away from me.

But more I find you closer to me more I regret not apologising to you for my rude behaviour, for my harsh words, for my cold shoulder that I gave you when you least expected it. We had a crisis, we stood together and rose to the occasion but I did let anger dwell within me against some of your decisions. The new then-found independence handed me over a bit of arrogance which I sometimes used in my words that hurt you. That was in the spur of the moment though.  You never held any grudge against me. We fell apart but kept flowing together only to reconcile more strongly. I thank you for everything you did for me.

Now having a family of my own I understand how spearheaded words can leave you wounded for long or forever. I plead of being guilty to have done the same to you. I wish I could have apologised to you early. I wish I could have ripped open my heart to you to show how guilt is written all over it. I wish I could talk to you one more time.

I miss you and I am sorry Daddy.

Yours Lovingly,


P.S: please post this letter to heaven as my father resides there.

People say “better late than never” but I would say “do it before it’s too late“. As a family, we all have such moments transpiring among us where in the heat of arguments or disagreements, disappointments, disapproval we end up shooting curses, venomous words to hurt people and satisfy our ego for that moment. Later everything falls back to normalcy. We sometimes apologise, sometimes take “Sorry” for granted and never actually say it because we know our family loves us with all our follies and we move on.  And many a time there are instances that our leniency would never give us a chance to say it to the concerned person even after we realise how wrong we were because that person is gone like in my case.

Remember: Apologise now before it’s too late because later you might have all the courage and beautiful words to express your remorse but the person might not be there with you forever.  Uncertainty’s thy name is LIFE.

14 thoughts on “LETTER TO MY FATHER

  1. Love to read your articles Kalpana. The way your pen expresses the emotions of the heart is amazing.
    What a profound statement “do it before it’s too late”, I note it for myself, thanks for such a beautiful piece.

    Dear friend,
    Uncle is not physically available to you but the Omnipresent God is always there for you. He has seen your heart, accepted your apology letter and has blessed you. Trust me.
    You are one of those gracious ladies I have ever met. God bless you.

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  2. Such a touching piece! Effortless flow of words with intense meaning.
    The people who are in close proximity of our hearts are the ones we often struggle to apologise to. As you have rightly opined, better late than never . . .

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  3. Kalpana, every word in this post speaks volumes. It takes a lot for one to realise and speak up for something like this. Your father will surely be happy from where he is watching you. And yes, it is an important message to all of us that we apologise and reconcile before it is too late…..courage my dear friend

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  4. Dear Friend, Thats True and Touching. Got few realisations and looking forward to do it before its too late.
    Keep Writing your Heart out and God Bless.

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  5. “Apologise when you can – do it before it’s too late.”
    What an emotional article, dearie. You say you can’t write like her and him… You are right. You really can’t write like them because you have a different genre altogether.
    God bless you for this invaluable lesson for all.

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