According to science, dreams are the stories that our mind narrates while we sleep. These are involuntary. But there are some dreams which are seen while we are wide awake.  These dreams help us in setting goals in our life. Due to this, we start believing in ourselves. We make efforts and then, we become aware of our capabilities. When we dream about achieving something, we know, we have something to look forward to. We give our best to fulfill our dreams. Every person on earth has at least one dream. Sometimes, our dreams shatter and remain unfulfilled. The reason may vary but when dreams shatter, it hurts in the same way.

After passing 11th I decided, the law would be a promising career for me. When I was in 12th, during pre-boards, I expressed my desire of pursuing law. My parents and some relatives thought I was being childish. As, in our Indian society, IIT and Medical are preferred. So, nobody acceded. When board exams were over, I said I will be taking admission in Law. And then, it was family versus Prerna. Papa was angry and then lots of discussions happened. He was the speaker for most of the time in discussion and obviously, I was at the receiving end.

I had dreamt of studying in a reputed college and having a bright college life. I had dreamt of winning accolades and what not. Next year, I appeared in the entrance exam of law and I qualified it. I was more than happy. But again, it was the same discussion again and again. I tried hard to convince them. Those were the days when I was crying on a daily basis. My parents thought engineering would be the best for me. They won finally and I was enrolled at a college which was just opposite of the college I dreamt about. Nothing was good there and it is still the same. Honestly speaking, I hate my college life though I managed to score good marks. But every single day my soul would question me, “what are you doing to yourself?” I had no answers.

I wanted to learn classical dance (Even today, I want to learn the same). But again my father didn’t accede to my wish. He thought I should focus only on my academics. Being a trained classical dancer, was also a dream that I had dreamt since childhood. Whenever I see my cousins dancing elegantly I felt sorry for myself. But now that I have grown up, I have decided that I will fulfill this dream of mine.

The motivation for choosing law was to help the deprived section of society and to fight for the underprivileged. Though I am not a lawyer, I will surely stand for the welfare of underprivileged. I have faith in my writings.

It was not that I never tried to convince my family. I did. But God had some other plans for me and probably that’s why I am here. However, I have no grudges or complaints against my parents or anybody. I love them and I am thankful for the kind of upbringing they gave.

Dreams are indeed beautiful but we should never let the desire die. We must not lose hope. Life is all about ups and downs. It is a rollercoaster and there will be times, went the rollercoaster will go down or will thrust you. So what, if one dream got shattered, we will dream something new and will fulfill that one. The winner is one who knows how to survive the hard times.

Concluding,  I would love to share what I always say, Instead of wishing, why not trust our caliber?