Last year in December, Saakshi asked me, “Bhaiya, what can I gift you in the New Year.” I discouraged her saying I don’t need anything but she kept on insisting me like a kid as usual. Finally, I asked her to gift me an Organizer. And now I have that new one when I still have a nice pocket size diary gifted by Rajnandini couple of years back.

Yeah, I have a weakness towards all kinds of stationeries especially diaries, notebooks, stick notes, writing pads and different types of pens. I have these things stored with me for years whether I use them or not… I keep them with me. Everytime my wife sees them and wants them to throw away, I ask her not to do anything like that. If you check my diaries there will be many pages unused yet I don’t throw them away.

I have felt, I have a keen attachment or interest in those plain sheets of papers either loose ones or in the form of a notebook and diary. I don’t like to write something in a used sheet but in a sheet which nothing has been written. Plain sheets of papers in a diary or notebook inspire me to write something new, something interesting, something very different. They motivate me to jot down a Bible Sermon preached in the church, they induce the desire to note down something that I feel important.

I keep a number of different broken and usable as well as unusable pens in a small bag. Though I am not sure whether I will find them right away if I am asked to show them. But I store, keep and preserve them. 

Apart from diaries, notebooks and pens I have bookmarks, small cards, clips, envelopes, stickers, mugs, designer candles, small plastic or tin boxes, plastic spoons, and knives etc., with me. I don’t know why stationeries allure me so much to them. I just love their shapes, sizes, and colours and thus I just store them with me. I don’t have a habit of collecting them regularly but whenever something I like I keep them for years in my mini stationery store (not so organized as shown in the featured pic – collected from Google Inc.)

There are many other things that I keep as a memory. I never give away any gifts that I receive from my loved ones. I literally treasure them even if they are broken and unusable. My this attitude reminds me one of God’s characters which is mentioned in the Bible:

The Lord will keep you from all harm—
    he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

He keeps us safe and sound and takes care of us even when we are so sinful and unusable for Him at times. He never forgets to restore us, preserve us and protect us. 

Stay Blessed!