After returning home, Kamya rushed towards their garden. Samar and Kamya had a beautiful garden adjacent to their courtyard. “Kamya, let’s go out for dinner tonight!” Samar called out loud. Kamya didn’t reply. She simply started watering the plants. “Ohh No! I shouldn’t have discussed all those stuff in front of Kamya. I hope she gets rid of this horrific mood as soon as possible,” Samar murmured to himself, in a dejected tone.

Samar went to his room and freshened up. He knew whenever Kamya was hurt or frustrated, she spent the whole time in the garden, and sometimes she ended up overwatering her favorite white rose plant! Samar was distraught seeing Kamya upset. “What if she denies adopting Muskan?,” Sameer thought aloud. He stopped pacing to and fro in his room and hurried towards the balcony. He saw Kamya staring at her favourite white rose plant and had created nearly a pool of water. “Kamya!” Samar screamed from the balcony, but it was in vain. Samar galloped towards the garden. He shook Kamya and took the sprinkler from her hand. “Kamya, what are you doing?,” shrieked Samar. “Ohh I…I’m soorryy,..” Kamya replied faintly and briskly entered the house. Samar hurriedly cleaned the garden and sprinted into his room.

Kamya was standing near the balcony lost in thoughts. “Kamya, what is troubling you? You know we don’t hide anything from each other. So why this silence? You know I can tolerate anything except this silence of yours!,” Samar said in one breath. His eyes glinted as he spoke and there were prominent lines between his eyebrows. “I’m fine. It’s just that I am a bit tired,” Kamya replied. Samar could clearly feel the pain in her tone. Samar was about to speak but Kamya said, “It’s not about Muskan, Samar. I have given you my word, and I will keep my word. You needn’t worry.” Her voice sounded like a whispering meadow. It was Samar’s turn to remain silent. But he whispered in his heart “I have also given you my word to give you all happiness and I will definitely keep my word”.

Later that evening, after dinner Kamya retired to bed early. But Samar kept thinking about Sia. Her innocent eyes haunted Samar. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t divert his thoughts. Sia’s drawings itself proved that she was not an orphan, her mother was alive. But then why Mr. and Mrs. Shaw were defending the fact that it was her imagination. Samar was flooded with thoughts. He couldn’t sleep, he kept tossing and turning in his bed the whole night.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Shaw showed Sia’s drawings to Mr. Shaw. “Now you are showing this to me?” Mr. Shaw asked in a startling tone. “Please take a look at the drawings. Wha…What do you think? Is her mother really alive? These are casual drawings isn’t it?,” inquired Mrs. Shaw in a pensive tone. Mr. Shaw glanced at the drawings and then glanced back at Mrs. Shaw. “Keep them inside”, he said feebly. “What if Mr. Mehta again insists on taking Sia with him?,” Mrs. Shaw asked in a brittle tone. “We’ll do something about it. Please go and take rest, it’s getting late,” Mr. Shaw murmured as he retired to bed. Mrs. Shaw couldn’t sleep, she kept thinking about Sia. She didn’t want to lose her.

Early the next morning, Samar and Kamya arrived at the orphanage to take Muskan and complete the paperwork. Mr. Shaw greeted them with a beaming smile. After the paper works were over, Mrs. Shaw handed over Muskan to Kamya. Her face gleamed as she held Muskan in her arms. Samar and Mr. Shaw shook hands and they got up to leave. But instead of leaving, Samar proceeded towards the playroom calling out ‘Sia’. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw exchanged nervous glances. Mr. Shaw hurried towards the playroom. “Mr. Mehta please talk softly, children are sleeping”, said Mr. Shaw in a convincing tone.

Samar briskly walked back to the office room. “I want to take Sia with me, till her mother comes,” Samar said sharply. “Listen, Mister! We cannot hand over Sia. We have no such rules. You may leave. We have other important works,” snorted Mrs. Shaw. She somewhat sounded like a dentist’s drill. “I don’t understand why you both are trying to suppress the facts that are speaking for themselves! Can’t you see her drawings are trying to convey some message? She deserves a better home, till her mother returns. I don’t understand why you both are hesitating?,” Samar retorted. “And we don’t understand why you are showing so much interest in Sia, even after learning that we can’t just let her stay with you!,” Mrs. Shaw said in a raspy tone. Samar was about to reply but was abruptly interrupted by a sobbing sound. They stopped talking to hear distinctly.

“Mamaaa, maammmaaa,….!!” They heard soft sobbing sound followed by feeble coughs. It was Sia! Mrs. Shaw froze with alien stiffness.