Meera could not sleep a wink. She was missing Sia and also the thought of carrying another man’s child was bothering her more than she thought. She went to the breakfast area to get some warm milk. She was standing at the counter lost in thoughts while the milk spilled all over the floor. She could not help but just cry. Another lady approached her and introduced herself as Radha. Meera had a startled look on her face.

Radha asked Meera if she was doing ok. Meera didn’t know if she should talk to Radha. Without much hesitation, she let her feelings out. She told Radha how much she disliked the fact that she is going to sleep with another man. Radha is a surrogate mother who is already into her 35th week of gestation. “Please stop crying Meera. You don’t have to sleep with a man to carry the child. They would perform a small procedure in which they are going to implant an embryo into your uterus.“said Radha. “What is embryo?” asked Meera..

Radha felt the need for Meera to understand the whole process before she makes a decision. She requested Meera to accompany her to a room adjacent to the dormitory where they were provided accommodation. Meera followed her without a word. Radha explained the coordinator that Meera is incognizant of the process. She knew they would help Meera with the required details which would make her feel better. The co-ordinator took care of the rest.

Meera felt relieved after she understood the process. She thought to herself, “I would be helping a childless couple to have joy and happiness in their life. Surrogacy is sacred. I should take good care of this baby and give them a healthy one. The only problem is how am I going to manage this alone? I don’t have anyone in this city. Whatever happens, let God handle it. All I want now is Sia’s future to be secured“. She entered the room where she met the doctor yesterday.

After few mins, the doctor arrived with Meera’s reports. “The reports all look fine Meera. Just one question before I proceed, all surrogate mothers should have given birth to atleast one child. You did too. Where is your child?” inquired the doctor. Meera didn’t know whether or not to answer that question. While she was lost in thoughts, there was a knock on the door. The doctor said, “Looks like the prospective parents have arrived”. “Come-in” she said in a loud voice.

A middle aged man and his wife arrived into the room. They greeted the doctor and looked at Meera. Doctor introduced them to each other, “Meera, this is Mr and Mrs. Mehta. Mr and Mrs. Mehta, this is Meera, the surrogate“. Meera could notice happiness in Mrs. Mehta’s eyes. “Mr and Mrs Mehta, Meera is healthy and is in a good condition to take pregnancy. We can start the process if you two are ready“.

Mr Mehta looked straight into Meera’s eyes and said, “Meera, first of all thank you for considering this. We have not had a child for 12 years now. We would be bearing all the hospital expenses and also take good care of you. Please don’t worry about the money. We would be happy to give you more if need be. But, please do not do this if you have been forced. If you have any questions or concerns I would be happy to help out“.

Meera gained courage to put her demand before Mr. Mehta. “Sir, I am ready to surrogate. I understand the rules and responsibilities a little better now. I thought about it and it felt noble to be able to help someone have a child. Though I do not prefer to take money, I need that money for my daughter. I do not need more money but I would be accept to surrogate on one condition. I want my daughter back. I want her back“. She started crying uncontrollably.

Where is your daughter?“, asked Mr. Mehta.

I do not know Sir. I left her at a church. I don’t know where she is“, said Meera.

Meera, don’t worry. We shall try to search for your daughter“, said Mr.Mehta.

Meera could not believe herself. Is she dreaming about all this? The very thought of being able to unite back with her daughter was enthralling her. She felt as if she was on cloud nine. With an enthusiasm she asked, “When can we go Sir?” asked Meera.

When our baby is in your womb, we will bring your daughter back“. Meera was really happy. She inquired the doctor, when would she be able to perform the embryo transplant. The doctor said it make take anywhere between one to three months for medical procedure and she should finish legal agreement before that. Meera looked puzzled and asked, which agreement? “You are delivering their baby at your will. Other financial details regarding expenses would also be mention. Remember, at this centre we won’t allow you to go outside until the baby is handed over to them.

What !!? I have to spend one year in this place“, this made Meera concerned. Meera did not know if this surrogacy is going to do any good to her or Sia. What if, just what if the man does not find Sia? She would be locked here for more than a year. After an year, if at all she has to search for Sia would it be too late. Can she live without Sia for a year?

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