Liiiizzzaaarrddd……, rruuunnnnn, rrruuunnnnn,” shrieked and yelled Rohan, when he saw a lizard on the wall next to him. His sudden outburst had caused all the children of the Trinity Orphanage Home, to run here and there. Within few seconds, the calm and disciplined environment, turned into a chaotic one. On hearing the commotion, Mr. Shaw rushed downstairs and was greeted by a terrific topsy – turvy room. He didn’t know what to do or whom to call. Wherever he turned, he saw children shrieking and staffs running after them to ensure they do not hurt themselves. Finally he spotted that it was Rohan who was yelling at the top of his voice. He somehow managed to squeeze himself and reached Rohan. “Rohan, Rohan! Listen to me, that lizard is not even coming your way, please stop shouting. Look at me Rohan, the lizard itself got scared by the commotion and see its nowhere in sight. Please stop screaming dear, see what a mess this has become!” Rohan stopped screaming only after seeing an empty wall. It took Mr. Shaw pretty long time to settle stuffs and bring back normalcy. When he saw all the kids were engaged in some or the other activities, he quietly sneaked upstairs. “And people say kids are innocent! I think they are not kids but little monsters!!” Mr. Shaw murmured to himself as he entered his room. He was waiting to narrate the whole episode to Mrs. Shaw.

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Eliza had been to the local markets across the streets to fetch few stuffs for the orphanage. After about an hour, Mrs. Shaw returned. She found Mr. Shaw near the front door, lost in thoughts. Mrs. Shaw patted on his shoulder and he was startled. “Is everything okay?” asked Mrs. Shaw in a casual tone. “I really wonder how on earth do you handle these little mons….I..I… mean how you manage these kids”, Mr. Shaw said in a muffled tone pointing towards the kids. “These what??” asked Mrs. Shaw in an inquiring tone. Mr. Shaw walked away shaking his head. After handing over the stuffs to a staff, Mrs. Shaw followed Mr. Shaw to his room. And before she could ask, Mr. Shaw narrated the whole incident.

Mrs. Shaw had a hearty laugh. She imagined Mr. Shaw actually handling kids and a roar of loud hearty laughter escaped her mouth. “Ridiculous!” exclaimed Mr. Shaw in a disgusted and gravel – sprinkled tone. They were abruptly interrupted when Sushant called Mrs. Shaw. “Madam, please come down, someone is asking for you”.

Mrs. Shaw was greeted by an old man with a small packet of sweets. “Can I meet, my granddaughter?” He asked with a feeble smile. “Sure, come in. Shilpa, come dear, look who has come to meet you.” Mrs. Shaw was delighted seeing Shilpa overjoyed. She left them alone for some candid moments and moved on to check Sia. Mrs. Shaw found little Sia, in the corner of the playroom. She called out her name, but she didn’t answer. As Mrs. Shaw approached Sia, she noticed Sia had dozed off in a half kneeling position. But what caught her attention was few sheets tightly tucked under her feeble knees and some crayons scattered nearby.

Mrs. Shaw quietly signaled a staff and gently handed over Sia and she was taken to the girls’ bedroom. But Mrs. Shaw kept the papers to herself. She then went to the office room to have a look at the sheets.

There were total of three sheets of paper. It contained some sort of scribbled art by Sia. Mrs. Shaw smiled to herself when she saw the drawings. It was a sort of circular head with arms and legs jutting out of it with no torso. That’s how normally 5 year old draw. Mrs. Shaw found it to be a hilarious piece of art – pictures of people nearly start without any body at all – so the arms and legs spring straight out of the head. She was about to put them away in the cupboard. But she felt, maybe she should have a better look at those art pieces.

Mrs. Shaw arranged the sheets of paper in the order of which she had collected. In the first image there are three persons, a child and two adults. And from the figure which has stick like rays coming out from the head, Mrs. Shaw concluded it to be a male person and the other adult with longer sticks facing downwards, to be a female.

In the next image, she found there were two persons, a female and a child. But some horizontal lines on two sides and something which appeared to her like a light post. In the last image, the child was present and in front of her, was what Mrs. Shaw concluded to be some sort of door, because in the image there was only an outline drawn in front of the child.

Am I over thinking? Are these casual drawings? Or are these images conveying some sort of message?” Mrs. Shaw thought aloud as she was staring at those sheets.