Meanwhile on the other end Sushma signalled Meera to get into the car.  Meera was blank, physically and mentally exhausted , only gave blank glances at Sushma but didn’t utter a word and got into the car.

The driver’s eyes from the rear view mirror sent shivers down Meera’s spine.  “Did Sushma trick me into something awful“, Meera asked herself aloud in her mind before she could muster courage and energy to mumble “where are we going Didi?”

Sushma in her usual stone-cold tone, “listen to me carefully Meera, when stranded in darkness for a while human eye adjusts itself to the darkness to see things clearly.  Similarly humans have to adjust themselves to the situations life throws at them.

This made Meera’s heart skip a beat, she was perplexed, hands cold and feet numb.

While Meera was lost in her fears Sushma started again, “You know clearly that I don’t have any soft corner for you but nevertheless you were wife of my brother.  That’s why I have decided to get you out of that place but you see emotions don’t feed you.  Deal is still on but not as dreadful as you fathomed….” . Sushma was interrupted sharply by Meera, “don’t talk in riddles. Why don’t you just leave us alone. It was my fault to come to you and look where I have landed” and she started wailing uncontrollably, cursing her fate.

SHHHH” Sushma hushed her fiercely “stop this melodrama, I have planned something better for you, now just follow me quietly“. And they reached a one storey building, built-in solitude.

Sushma got down and forcefully took her out of the car into the building. As they entered Meera saw a lawn guarded by gates with electrically barbed wires all around, CCTV cameras, few pregnant women loitering in the lawn. This confused Meera even more.

They were received by a man – well-built, seemingly educated, he immediately asked Sushma “have you explained everything to her” looking at Meera.

N… N… No” Sushma fumbled and this irked the man, Somesh. “How many times I have to tell you that the ladies you bring here need to be well-informed“, he retorted.

And he continued talking harshly looking at Meera, “look lady you just have to give us 9 months of your life, and life to a couple. Well, let me be clear you are brought here to be a surrogate mother, bearing a child for someone who have no strings attached to you in anyways and who are yearning for a child. In return you get a handsome amount and no one else would know anything about this, not even the client to whom you are bearing a child. Hence it won’t have any impact on your societal image.  Many women do it deliberately and repeatedly.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Think of it and reply me“.

And before Meera could prepare herself to say something, Somesh quite menacingly yet calmly said, “And we don’t take No for an answer” and called for an assistant to guide Meera to a room inside.

Meera was almost pulled and went out of sight into the long corridor and her voice died.

Sushma asked Somesh, “so you got the client, who is that?

Somesh replied, “What’s there in the name.  What matters is that it’s a wealthy party who could shower us with millions.  I hinted about this procedure, waiting for the reply and you know it well that we don’t take NO for an answer.  Their desperation is our cash point“, he laughed devilishly.