When Chiradeep announced the topic for this week “What’s on your mind?” I was like “Ok, let the bucket of my bucket list flow” as if I was waiting for someone to ask this question 😂😂.

Resolutions, Bucket List, Goals – Naam mein kya rakha hai! (What’s there in the name), there are certain things that I want to, that I must accomplish. They would give me the gratification of achieving independence and mental peace.

  • Have to travel the distance between the passenger seat to driver’s seat:  I never had a driver’s license in my life, never been behind any steering or handle. And frankly never bothered about thanks to the public transport and on-call taxi services.  Easy escape! I would agree.  But now I have realised I have to don the cap of a driver TOO (😂) for my kids.  Though my husband is just a call away when amidst busy schedules it reiterates on the fact that “I am dependent on him”.  I want to shed that. Getting a licence would clearly spell new-found independence to me. And yes many more rounds of shopping 😂😂. So Driving Licence is on my mind, wish me luck😉.
  • Learn For My Kids:  Making kids learn, get their interest invested needs learning on my part too.  For instance, my son had a terrible last week, major meltdowns, very aggressive which I think (I believe and wish) is a passing phase only.  I discussed the same thing with his Therapist, he gave some massaging tips to relax him, I observed to be able to help him when things go haywire. So this is what I was talking about – Learning.  My resolution for next year includes learning new things and ways to help my kids learn better, behave well and stay happy.  I have to take the driver’s seat here as well😁.
  • Invest In My Interests: I won’t beat around the bush,  I would make it a point to write and paint more often (some baking too😂). Writing, painting and showcasing it to near and dear ones gives me a high and solace of another level.  And practising only can make a WO(MAN) perfect, what say😎.
  • Shed laziness:  How I wish I was not a procrastinator.  This is a major flaw in my personality.  My alarm is witness to my laziness, I made it my partner in crime as every time it signals me to wake up I put it to doze off, you can now imagine the heights of laziness! So hopefully next year I can….. 😴😴😴😴 alarm set!!

There are few more that squeezed themselves to be on my list – losing a few pounds,  gaining more patience,  better socialization, getting a job or enrolling into a new course and learn and enhance knowledge.  Well, one thing that would always top the chart of my priorities is  “Be a good human being“.  Because my dependency,  my flawed characteristic traits,  lack of expertise, blurred identity – literally everything can be pardoned if I serve my purpose of being a human. I have always and would continue to strive for being a compassionate person, period!