The voice in my head, I call it The Canary In My Attic
It’s wings fluttering as it flies through my thoughts

Not letting me listen to the sound of my brain
The rational mind, the sensible cognisance

Yes, It beckons me at the most ungodly hours
Piping in my ear, not letting me be
Whispering dreams infused with passions

Making my nights sleepless and my days restless

Singing, “You can be so much more.”
Tweeting, “Never settle for the second best.”
Chirping, “You have so much potential.”
Clucking, “No, this is not the right choice.”

It is a part of me, The Canary In My Attic
It’s free and liberated, unlike me

But it’s wild and untamed, unlike me
It’s fast to love and faster to hate

Making my mouth water to see the spoils
Prompting me to go give in to my temptations
It’s perched on the highest branch watching me
And I wanna succumb to the voice of the little bird

The Canary In My Attic is the bird of my soul
I need it to keep me human in a world full of bots
I need it to know the right from the wrong
I love you little bird because I am caged, you are FREE!