I am not good at routine works at all. I keep procrastinating. But I am always good when I am asked to complete a task within a time period. So, this time after a thorough Self Discovering series my co-writers went through Charlie’s Task series and believe it or not they did very well. Some denied, some gave excuses, some didn’t respond yet some participated wholeheartedly.

Usually, I would have summarised the gist of the whole event revealing what tasks I had given everyone. But I thought of doing differently this time by expressing my gratitude to all those who have participated. 

During, the Self Discovering series Prabhjot responded after she finished answering her set of questions – “Chiradeep, I feel like I am a celebrity answering this questionnaire.” And Prerna said, “I really like the way my answers are published on a public platform.” 

I want to encourage my co-writers that they are not less than celebrities as they have been filling in the gap in some or other way. There are many who read their articles or poems feel encouraged, inspired or motivated. So, I gathered all that they had said during the last two weeks and framed them in one poster. 

The featured picture is blank but the one I am posting here is filled with the quotes of my co-writers.

Poster for Angels Bulb
(Candles Online Property)

Keep reading and keep giving your feedback!

God bless you all!