The sun had risen and a new day had just begun.
School days had just become past and it was time to step in the college,
New faces, from different places what a collection it was,
Excited, expectant, and zealously everyone looked forward;

The years ahead were unknown, mysterious and surprising.
We got bored, irritated, frustrated with no scope for an uprising,
Days past we grumbled, but nothing would change;
But our camaraderie ripened and friendships began to develop.

Some would blossom, bloom and last forever till the end,
Some just took off and then ended in a crash.
That’s sad but that’s how things go at times,
But life’s spirit never let us down and kept pushing us on.
Step by step we moved forward and treaded our own paths
Towards our dreams and goals, and an unpredictable future.

The hostels would never disappoint with the life it housed,
The hustle and bustle, noisy corridors and the loud music,
The rollicking four-seaters and the companionship developed,
Loud screams at night and it was someone’s birthday.
The counterstrike warfare, or the need for speed,
The craze for the beautiful game and the head breaking
Age of empires, all engrossed many of us.

Life would teach us lessons along the way,
We loved and lost but we never gave up;
We passed and failed but we carried on, with
More wisdom and understanding, learning from the past.

All along we lost track of time,
The day was coming to a close and we couldn’t run away from it,
The time to part had come once again,
My heart grew heavy and tears rolled down my eyes.

Everyone would go away and get lost in the crowd,
Whether friends would meet again will remain unanswered.
One thing was for sure, we would never get these days back:
Memories were all we could carry with us in our hearts.

I looked up in the twilight sky thinking of all that I would miss,
All that it could have been and some that never could be.
I closed my eyes, as all those carefree days flashed in front me;
I walked towards home waiting another brand new day.

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