Beautiful, glowing faces everywhere I see,
Spotless, flawless angelic mien adorned with glee.
I wonder what are they trying to conceal,
what may come out when this mask they peel.
I wonder what brutal flaws they think trying to hide,
with what pain and agony they hopelessly abide.
I wonder why the prejudice about their beautiful bodies and flaws,
I for one, divulge and wear them with pride without cause.
I flaunt my insecurities, I’m not ashamed of them,
these glitches, they make me glow brighter than any gem.
They help me heal, they remind me I’m strong,
hiding, concealing won’t let me stand out in the throng.
You can’t and won’t heal,
if all those beautiful flawless flaws you conceal.

“Oh wow! The colour of her skin is so fair and perfect!” Exclaimed the dusky beauty.

Gosh! He’s got such a perfect muscular body.” Sighed the handsome chubby guy.

Who said that only fair skin is perfect or only slim is beautiful!?

According to whom is chubby not being healthy or dark skin not gorgeous!?

Where is this scale that everyone is referring to and who made them?

The answer to this is…. (stating the obvious) our society, those advertising companies, clothing companies, models, beauty parlours… just to name a few.

We live in a world where our thoughts are influenced by the media and the people surrounding us.

Where models, who probably live on just an apple or a can of energy drink a day, tell us how to be fit. Where facial cream companies shamelessly declare that dark skin is not perfect and lighten the skin tone by using their products. Where clothing companies and different high-end brands sell clothes only to petite people as if being voluptuous is a crime.

What actually these companies are doing is that they are selling you your insecurities. They are brainwashing minds of people of all ages and sexes and compelling them to follow a certain pattern for their profits. To sell their products, they are stuffing our minds with their desired thoughts. They are feeding off of our ‘self-doubt’ and minting money.

As a teenager, I had loads of pimples on my face (hormonal changes, puberty). So people, everywhere I went, used to look at me as if having acne is a sin. Salespersons who are practically at strangers, who sold ‘beauty products’, used to approach me with bizarre questions, frowning, disgusted, asking…” Oh gosh!! aren’t you doing anything about your skin!?..use this particular product..your face will be cleared in no time”. Mind you, they weren’t doing this out of goodwill.

Well, the big question is, how will applying a cream on my skin, fix the hormonal changes happening in my body?? So I never paid any heed to these kinds of irrelevant comments. And with time, my skin got better.

So what I mean to say is don’t let anyone use your flaws or insecurities against you. Don’t let anyone intimidate you by telling that you are not how you are supposed to be.

The first thing everyone needs to realise is that they are beautiful and just perfect the way they are.

No matter what colour your skin is, what size or shape you are, you just have to understand that you are beautiful.

Body shamming has become such a common thing now. It’s like an insane trend everyone seems to follow.

A lady who delivered a baby got back in just 1 month and a mother of 2 kids who is still voluptuous, are both beautiful. A man/boy who is thin and short and one who is muscular and tall, both are handsome. A human who is dark, dusky, wheatish, fair (or any other skin colour) is gorgeous.

Be the change, bring about the change, if you want things around you to better. Don’t make anyone feel any less about themselves. Stop self-pity. Have confidence in yourself. No matter who you are, how you are, what you do or where you are, just remember…you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.


    1. Thank you so much!!!
      Yes, people, regardless of the gender, should accept the way they are… what’s wrong with the way they are!! Why do they even want to change!! I hope this reaches to all those people who r dealing with such problems.
      Appreciate you taking time to read this. Thank you 😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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