I look at myself in the mirror and more often than not I don’t like what I see there.

‘God couldn’t my hair be a bit more straighter..’
‘Oh, why do I have this big nose? Can’t I make it a bit sharper?’
‘Oh my… The greys are visible again.. Need to hide them.’
‘This dress makes me look fat.’
‘Had I been a couple of inches taller I would have looked better.’

So on and so forth. So basically I have an ability to find a new flaw in my body every day.
This is mostly true for all of us, we don’t need anyone else to body shame us. We ourselves do this job perfectly.

The idea of a perfect look and body type is so much ingrained in us that we can never be happy in our own skin. The advertisements, movies and recently ‘Photoshop’ don’t allow us to accept even a small blemish on our skin. The leading pair in any movie always have a gym ready size zero figure and the fat friend of the hero or heroine are solely there for comic relief… This attitude has rubbed off on our daily life also. And many a time we don’t even realize that we are being body shamed.

This time in Ganpati celebration we ladies also decided to put up a small dance performance. Since the day it was decided I think everyone who came to know about it makes a joke on the sturdiness of the stage. ‘Will the stage hold up?’ ‘So many ladies dancing together there’s gonna be an earthquake.’ Well, let them say what they want. Let them laugh as much as they want we will dance because we enjoy it.

Remember no one is perfect. If you are thin they call you a matchstick. If you are fat then you can get varied nicknames from fatso to football or hippo. If you are tall then ‘Why does she wear heels?’ If you are short then ‘She looks like a school girl. when will she grow up?’

Even celebrities and top models don’t get spared. The fashion columnists are earning big bucks by just pointing out the flaws in the celebrity looks, their dress, makeup weight increase, weight loss etc. I sometimes wonder about the pressure these celebrities must be under to always show up in a perfect body, hair, makeup, dresses etc.

I once saw a video by actress Sonam Kapur showing the amount of effort and number of people required to bring out that perfect look. It made me realise one thing. No one is perfect. Don’t take the comments to your heart. Take it in your stride.

The skin colour, hair colour, body shape, facial features are unique to you. Be proud of it. The only thing in our hand is to live a healthy lifestyle. Rest is all in our Genes.

5 thoughts on “TAKE IT IN YOUR STRIDE

  1. Seriously, these celebrities have to put in so much effort to get that flawless perfect look. The other day I was watching a model hunt show, where it seemed all the models were having the same look- highlighted cheekbones, perfect pout, dramatic eyes. And I was just wondering what’s the point 😬
    Well said that be yourself👌


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