What do you think is the most difficult personality trait a person possesses!!?

Well for a person like me who suffers from OCD, who is short-tempered, who is not a tyrant but makes sure to get things done my way…’s patience.

Let me tell you a story…

Just the other day I had guests at my place for dinner, and they being so kind and loving, offered me to help in the kitchen.

I was much obliged. But then I have a certain way of doing things. May it be cooking or setting the table. But still I have to compromise in such situations and I do understand that. But that was not my concern. It was the fact that I lacked….patience!

Since I like to multitask and do whatever I am doing quickly, seeing someone do it in a slower pace just irks me. So I ended up creating a very awkward situation by saying something really sarcastic.

Yes, I know, it’s really bad on my part.

And this attribute of mine lands me in embarrassing situations all the time.

A person who lacks patience has the ability to think about all the permutation and combinations the situation may create all the pros and cons even before she or he gets the answer to their question. It’s actually mentality exhausting. Your mind tends to wander unnecessarily everywhere, complicating matters.

Let me give you a classic example…

A few days ago, a very good friend of mine was enlightening me about something really very important and while he was doing so, he got a phone call and in turn was unable to respond and complete the sentence that he had started. Within those 4-5 minutes, I ended up texting around 20-30 times. So much that he got annoyed with this immature behaviour of mine.

Trust me when I say that lack of patience is never a good thing. It always hurts, it’s immature and you are not the only one who suffers because of it. Sometimes it affects relationships as well when our lack of patience brings forth intolerance.  

I had to finish writing this article in the morning, but due to unavoidable circumstances, I couldn’t. Then by evening, I realized that I was running out of time and this impatient restlessness took over my mind and my fingers and I managed to scribble down something.

Apologies in advance for my blabber, well what can I say…don’t blame me…blame the impatient person who is dominating me. 😛