Thou have given me the power to feel and to heal,

Thou have given me the power to live life with renewed zeal.


Thy matchless love has empowered me to love,

And in Thy forgiveness l’m empowered to forgive.


The power to speak possibility into situations of impossibility,

And cast out the demons of disbelief and hostility.


The power to infuse life into the lifeless,

Also to shine bright in gloomy darkness.


The power to speak, to touch and to hear,

Many a hurting souls to comfort and to care.


To speak to the raging storms and fiery seas,

The power to calm them against turbulences and foggy slees.


To wield the power of truth and justice,

To shut my mouth for scorn and injustice.


These powers and much more have Thou vested me with,

Before even I had Thou requested for these.


Lord Omnipotent, now a humble plea before Thee I make,

To fill me with faith enough to stand firm and not break.


To realize the Superpowers that Thou have embedded within me,

So as to live for Thee a life victorious and free.


The power to rejoice,

When the heart can barely push out a voice.


Peace to declare 

In war to have no share.


Thy love to spread far and wide,

And never to put uprightness aside.