It’s strange how so many people, including me, keep saying,

“If only I had a little more time…”

Or “I wish I had more time with you…”

Or “I wish I could turn back time…to redo certain things.”

I once went to meet an old and a very dear friend of mine. We spent the whole day together. Laughing, playing, eating and absolutely loved every second of it. But when it was time to part ways, the only thing I said was, “I wish this day would never end.” I wanted more time. And somehow I am a slave to it, having to obey whatever it has to order.

I too fall short of time, all the time. Seems like its playing hide and seek with me. As I juggle between daily routine, phone calls, friends, family, who constantly need my support and attention, I tend to lose track of time. Just then, when it’s too late, I realise that I don’t have some for my own. There’s no ‘me time‘. That’s when I wish I had the power to subsume those extra few hours.

It seems as though people have almost everything they ever wanted but always wishes for ‘a little more time’… 24 hrs is not enough to do a certain thing. Even the most organized people, who are masters in managing this time constraint, too seem to be running out of it.

Where has all these ‘time’ going? In which dark abyss is it lost that one is unable to find it?

So when asked that what super power would I wish to possess, if I ever had the chance to, then it would be to INCORPORATE TIME‘…. like what Dr. Strange does in all those Marvel movies, that kind, but with a twist. I don’t want to possess a power to travel through time. I wouldn’t want to time travel to change the past which in turn will change the course of present and the future.

All I need is a shiny medallion, twisting and turning and voilà all the time one needs in the world!! I know there’s going to be pros and cons, but mind you…I do have the power to control it (It would have been so awesome).

Well I know none of this is justified, but still… I would be endowed with the power to award people the precious gift of time. And with dexterity, solving all possible problems, which is seemingly impossible to do, with lack of TIME.