Power” – having it boosts one’s confidence and when it is “Superpower” it gives an adrenaline rush.  To possess a superpower is everyone’s fantasy and I am not an exception. In fact, I won’t mind the plural form.

There’s a list, in fact, a big one that I dream of, fantasize to have.  Being invisible, peeping into other’s mind so that I don’t have to read between the lines, freezing everyone including moments to a standstill, being able to travel in the blink of an eye from one place to another ( just imagine how much we could save on airfares 😁) and so on. I must confess our movies have contributed a lot in shaping up this list.

But if God is ready to grant me two boons I would choose these two:

  • Ability to time travel on my terms (and conditions not applying to me 😉).
  • A wallet that never says “No ” to me. This is like power in hands, more literal 😁.

Talking about Time Travel we all have innumerable moments in our journey called life – happy and beautiful, embarrassing, painful, bitter and I can go on with many more shades. I too have and I want to revisit those zones again.  To relive the beautiful moments spent with family and friends, to change the course of embarrassing moments that made me duck my face, to avert the painful and heart wrenching situations – I so badly want to have this superpower.  For all those chapters in my life that at present stand with an ending “I wish I could”, I want to change the preface of those chapters so that they have a better ending today. “I wish I could have spent more time with my friends”, “I wish I could have seen my father for the last time”, “I wish I could have chosen a different field of study for better future prospects”, “I wish I could have taken my decisions more independently without fearing the backlash”.  Time is surely a strong medicine as they say to all the heartaches we experience but there’s also a saying “Prevention is better than cure” and this superpower is a measure to prevent many heartaches.

And perhaps how about writing a different history altogether. Imagine how about going back to the pre-independence period, giving then rulers a glimpse of how Britishers are hatching a plan to topple them from power and rule the country would help us save a lot-lot of our wealth from being laundered, many lives from being sacrificed and a lot better future for ourselves.  Just imagine!

*Condition: Current history books will prove handy as it is all about proofs 😁.

Talking about the magical wallet that’s never devoid of cash – sounds too materialistic right?  But can all of you answer these questions?

  •  Are there any instances in your life when you wanted to help someone out of compassion and generosity but had to hold yourself from announcing it just because you have your own budget constraints?
  • Are there any situations when you felt that whatever little you did was way too little and proved futile practically?

I am sure we all have such incidents in life where our heart goes out to reach the needy but pocket warns us “Don’t be holier than thou Pope“.  Let me give you a petty example from my life:

It was a hot summer day (Indian summers are way too much 😥).  I was cooling my heels comfortably at home (I am fortunate enough to have one) and the doorbell rang. A young salesman with his shoulder burdened with sample products, forehead glistening with beads of sweat and a bright grin greeted me. As I reciprocated he started his campaign which I had to cut short soon saying “sorry not interested” as politely as I could. And saw him reaching the neighbour’s door to receive the same answer which he had to accept with the same demeanor which he had in the beginning.  I could see how hard he had to toil to secure a decent commission to make a respectable salary, and I couldn’t accept the deal for several reasons, our own financial constraints being a primary one.

This is just one haphazard example.

At this moment I might sound money minded but I would say this is practicality.  For any help/ charity, in cash or kind, we need cash apart from being just kind.  It’s a hard-hitting fact.

Considering this I believe I am not wrong in fancying something like a “Magic Wallet”, am I?  And few brands in the kitty is not offensive too 😉.