I asked my wife – “what kind of super power you need for yourself?” And her answer was – “I should get some power so that I won’t be fearful anymore.

I went on to ask few others… One said he wants the power to have any food items easily and freely. Another said he wants a lot of money. A very close friend said she wants the power to manage her emotions well.

The powers we want for ourselves usually are either our desires or needs centric.

Okay, now let me tell you what powers or super powers I wish to have on my fingertips…

Two days ago, I felt like shouting at the top of my voice when I literally struggled to cope with my whatsapp and other social medias. My biggest problem is that I can’t get away from things that are of serious in nature. For example, when a person is sharing his or her heart I just can’t ask him or her to wait or say will talk later. I usually try to attend each and everyone. While doing so I feel exhausted, worn out and extremely frustrated. And sometime I feel angry and burst at my poor wife… when she shouts back or asks why I am behaving like that then I realise what I am up to.

My empathetic heart loves to listen to the problems of people despite of my own ailments and struggles so I would love to have the energy and superpower and some added hours as a whole package so that I can keep listening to them and understand them on a superfast mode and press the solution button for their good.

I know, I know… that’s not possible.

While thinking about this I remembered Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’. He literally struggled to handle the cries of everyone in the world though he tried to take the role of God which was next to impossible.

But he says –

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

I am aware of it too.

Someone very close to my heart usually tells me, “Submit everything to God instead of getting hyper and He will lay down the plans beautifully“.

Playing God or wishing for super power always frustrates us whereas depending on Him gives us strength. But I don’t mean that we will just do nothing and ask God to do everything. Instead, it will be wise to do our part and allow Him to do the part which are beyond our abilities.

God says to me –

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in your weaknesses.

And that’s the super power I seek when I am troubled in life.

Stay Blessed!