From Marvel to DC comics we have seen it all. We have gaped at Superman spinning Earth anti-clockwise to turn time and we have seen Spiderman saving the world with his webbed hands. We are exposed to all kinda superpowers that leave us amazed and wanting. From Batman to Avengers we have ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahed’ at our favourite superheroes and Superheroines but in our hearts of hearts, we all secretly want to be one of them. To do those otherworldly things and save the day. I was no different.

My choicest superpowers keep changing with time. Because with time I mature, so do my priorities and my preferences. We get the tag of ‘Major’ at 18, but I don’t think we get matured enough at 18, some of us develop much before that, but in my case, I was still a complete kid at 18. However, considering superpowers, I will tell you my choicest Superpowers and the shift in my choices with age.

As a kid I wanted the Superpower to Teleport. The countries I only saw on silver screen, the places I read about, I wished to see them all. I wanted to disappear from my bedroom and reappear in London, Trafalgar Square or Times Square, New York. I even used to spin around in the same spot at full speed in the hope to see myself disapparate.

Teenage came with the desire to acquire a Superpower that would take me inside the books I read. To fight by the side of Harry like Hermione, to steal diamonds along with Jamie McGregor from Master Of The Game and to be kissed like Maggie from the Mills and Boons novels. I wanted to be the most important female character of every book I read. I guess that was vanity, but It was a lovely phase of my life.

At 18 I wanted to the superpower to be a Computer. Yes! You heard it right.
For a girl who had so much paperwork to read and learn and remember, I wanted my eyes to scan everything I read and store it in my memory. I tried to answer every question thrown at me with lightning speed and precision. There was this urge to be the ace, to be better than Britannica(Wikipedia wasn’t this popular then). To jot down everything faster than a speech recognition typing assistant and make my father proud.

Time passed and with time passed away the most important person in my life, My Father. That time my choicest Superpower would have been to control Time. I wanted to turn it back and stop it right there. I craved to get my father treated in time and save his life if I could travel back in time. What a beautiful place it would be if no one aged. If I never had to live without Papa.

After my fathers’ demise came an extended period of Depression. Back then my choicest Superpower would have been to Mind Control. Yes, so that I can erase my memories and my mothers’ memories as they brought so much pain and hurt with them. I wanted to forget everything good and beautiful about my father so it would stop my heart bleeding.

Then came a time when I yearned for a Superpower to resurrect the dead. What wouldn’t I give to resurrect my Granny who passed away after losing two out of three of her sons? I have read enough books to know that it is a bad idea to summon the dead but the temptation was too strong.

Love knocked at my door in the form of a man, and I was healed with the warmth of his love that melted my frozen heart. The Superpower I sought in that phase of my life was to Siphon all his pain and regrets while loving unconditionally and without judgement. What a beautiful relationship it would be where I could be his anchor, and he could be my launching pad.

Today the Superpowers I seek are to Heal and to have Money in abundance.
You might be thinking that I am asking that out of Greed and Avarice, but that is not the truth. The truth is I have seen so much suffering around me; every soul is in pain, every heart is pining and more often than not the reasons are depravity of money and health. I want to make the lives I touch better for people. No, I don’t want to be a messiah. Nor do I want to be praised or credited for my excellent work; but I know I am a Philanthropist, lover of humankind.

Now I want to tell you one secret. The most coveted secret. Every Superpower I ever desired, I had them all in me. I could Teleport, all I needed was an air ticket and passport. I could Transcend into my books as I read them. While reading them, I lived their lives, and I am happy to have lived that many experiences in one lifetime.I was better than a computer. I could improve my cognizant and comprehensive skills with enough practice and dedication. I could always control time, all I needed was a camera. I could look at the pictures that acted as portals and took me back in that moment where my father was still alive. I could control the mind; I didn’t know it. All I needed was firm resolve and determination to condition my mind to stay happy and confident and exude that aura to my mother and see her smile again, dance again. I did have the power to Siphon pain; I just had to listen with patience and offer words of comfort because it works like magic.

Moreover, last but not the least, I can heal people, and I am the wealthiest person on Earth, and I do it every time I do my bit towards the poor, the hungry and the sick in whatever resources I have at my disposal. I didn’t need a lot; I only needed the inclination which I always had. I couldn’t help all, but I could support that one person to whom it would mean the world.

On a parting note. I am a Superhuman. I am Mythical. I am a Phoenix. I turn to ashes many times, but every time I am at the lowest, I am reborn from my ashes.