As we know education is an important part of our life. It is the process of teaching, guidance and studying. The importance of education in one’s life has been discussed by so many scholars over past so many years. Earlier there were few schools and colleges. And perhaps this was a contributing factor other than poverty in people being uneducated. But now if we look at the present, we find so many schools and colleges and coaching institute. Even when there are so many educational institutes, still education lacks at some point in India. Still there is huge population that believes education is not important. Or maybe they don’t understand its importance.

When we look back we can see our country has progressed tremendously. We have new technology and advancement in many fields. How did this happen? It all happened because of education. The article that you are reading that means the one I am writing is possible because of the education. Had not there been education these developments and advancements would have been just a dream.

But if we talk about the good and bad of the education system, I will say it should always focus on active learning rather than passive learning. Our education system should work in the way where children would love to go school rather than throwing tantrums for not going to school. Okay, its children’s behavior of finding excuses for staying at home and playing but what about students of higher classes… They should not make such excuses.

So, now the question arises why do they (students of higher classes and colleges) make excuses… The very first and foremost thing that is important for any education system is- it should focus on skill development rather than just simple learning. It should be interesting and motivating, so that students can enjoy it and can make the best of it.

Now some of you might give me examples of those students who are excelling in their studies and are innovating. So, let me tell you not everyone has same caliber and interest. Since, education helps in shaping and building our future therefore, it should concern about each and every student regardless of whether the student is good or bad in any subject. This is the era where parents are spending huge amount of money on the education of their children. So, they have expectations from education system. Instead of teaching same subject to each and every student, we should focus on training and teaching them in the field of their interest. When this happens then our country will progress in a better way. Every one of us wants to do our best but if we don’t get motivated we can’t do that. People say institutes do not accede to the idea of making education enjoyable and interesting, maybe because our generation has a mindset of scoring high and getting a career by which we can earn a handsome amount. We somewhere believe that this is only the motto of being educated. But it’s not.

We are getting education so that we can make this world a better place to live. We should utilize our education for welfare of mankind. If we don’t do so and we keep doing things for ourselves then what is the use of so much of learning and scoring good marks.
I am glad that there are some educational institutes focusing on active learning and encouraging students to follow their passion. Being a student, I believe everyone has flair. Our schools and colleges need to recognize those talents, should unchain and facilitate them in being innovative.