Values …Phew !!  quite a small word, yet weighs a lot.

I have never actually thought about values, and how I am gonna inculcate the same into my kids and generations to come. It never disturbed me until I began to think about it. Ever since I knew my surroundings, all I see is my mom, who is dedicated as a mother as well as a teacher. For me, she is the one who tells me what is exactly wrong or right, and yes even though I might explode at times on her words, I have never ended up not following it.

Maybe that is Values to me

Values are something that actually lets us reach a conclusion on what needs to done or what needs to be said. It helps deliberately reach a choice of actually what we want. Values building up or I say piling up inside us, we react to the crowd around us.

I remember during my days of graduation, I used to stay in a hostel, where there were many like me staying away from parents. Some felt it is like a breath of freedom, even when holidays come by, they never wanted to go back home. They would rather stay in the hostel and spend time alone or with friends around. I wondered why ?? why will anyone don’t want to go home. As for me, a home was the arms of my parents, where I was safe indeed. Gradually I learned that they were never welcomed at home, they felt like an outsider.

What values do they inherit?

Where is family values?  Vanished into thin air. 

I realised a home should be where everyone is welcomed, cared for and never taken for granted. Even when people are far away, the only gravity that pulls them back to the home is the love and affection they receive. It is an important factor in Family Values, something that needs to be shared and gifted.

As I grew up, again facing challenges, qestioning the theory of values, I faced with the values at work, which indeed was quite challenging.

What are the values at work?

People are just behind, others pulling them down, just to reach higher and higher. It is hard to survive if you stick to values here. As professionalism is completely off-road. I had experienced the worst kind of work ethics to stay on top, and a fresher like me couldn’t stand it. As sacrificing my values for success, was not something I would choose for.

I chose my values and drowned in it. 

It is a great game of politics in organizational values that you have to encounter.  Honestly, I couldn’t survive, I was an utter failure as I burst out in anger and frustration, realising I couldn’t handle the office politics.

Was I lacking values? Or was it them? I am not sure about them, but for me, I forgot the strategical approach at one point in time.

In a relationship, the values are kind of fluctuating. A husband becomes perfect when they handle their roles well enough, not only as a better half but also being a parent. A wife is not just someone to share a bed with, but your equal partner to care for, love for. your children look out for you, to be the epitome of values indistinctly. I have been weird at moments, showing the worst part of me to my children, which I received the same way, at some other point in time through their similar reactions. Actually, it shocked me, rather than being dumbstruck to see a mirror image of me there. It was when I decided to change my self. To my utter shock, I was guiding them wrong. At some point, I felt I was wrongly mentoring them for life.

It brought me thinking, was it my values, that helped me correct myself there?

Yes, I guess, it was indeed the values I inherited – To accept the failures and turn them into success. My individual Values is something I showed up as an individual to the crowd. To me, personal fulfilment was prior to all, which I am learning gradually.

Indeed, at every stage of my life, I was learning values, and how important are they for Me.

Many values are never inherited, but it is like live training we get through experiences. Some teach us quite hard lessons, that we feel like dissolving, some others let us float above.


  1. You are very right… Values instilled by parents in a child’s life matters…
    Sometimes, you hear people say this usually phrase, “that is how we do it in my house”… And you would become puzzled that do people actually behave this way among themselves as family….
    I also know people who would rather stay back at school during breaks….
    As for me, just like you said… Home is me being safe in my family’s arm

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    1. Yea, i do agree, i have seen even kids behave the worst, and the family supports it , even if it meant abusing elders.. strange but true.

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  2. What a beautiful honest article. I can totally relate to your confusion regarding office politics. We are pulled in two directions holding on to our principles or trying to climb the corporate ladder somehow it seems impossible to do both.
    And as parents we are always worried about our parenting. But don’t worry the very fact that you recognized that something is wrong means your heart and values are at the right place, You are a very good parent.

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