I hope all of us are familiar with values. It is something that guides our behavior in being a better person. We have so many definitions about it depicting how we can be a person with good values. Some says values are inherited and some says values are taught. I won’t land up in a conclusion stating which of them is true. Instead, I am going to share two incidents of my life.

There’s an incident that I always remember and sometimes I feel bad about it. It was the year 2010. I was going somewhere and I forgot my wallet at home. I couldn’t find auto-rickshaw and so I had to finally board a bus. I was sitting on my seat. A very old man boarded the bus after few stoppages. There were no vacant seats in the bus. So, he sat down on the floor. I stood to give my seat to him but was stopped by few ladies who told me, “it’s ladies seat and so how can a male sit on them”. I didn’t say anything and I sat quietly. And I was feeling sorry for the old man. The old man continued to sit on the floor till he found a seat.

Few days back, I was going somewhere with my friend. It was really hot sunny day. We were waiting for an auto-rickshaw. Suddenly, my eyes fell on to a bird on the ground. She was probably thirsty and was unable to fly maybe because she was getting unconscious. We didn’t have water so that we could sprinkle it on her. My friend lifted the bird into her hands. I went to nearby snack point and asked if I could get some water. I told the sales boy why I needed water. The sales boy turned out to be really helpful and quickly handed me a glass full of water. And said he would love to help more. We sprinkled some water on the bird. My friend took some water and brought it closer to bird, so that she could drink it. In a few minutes bird seemed to be okay. Though we missed so many auto-rickshaws but we were happy to save her.

Both incidents are quite different. Now, I must tell you my parents are really very kind and have always helped people. They believe helping others will solve half of the world’s problem. And I am really proud to have such parents. I am their first offspring and so according to science I have inherited many of their qualities and their looks too. Despite being the child of such kind and helpful parent I didn’t give my seat to the old person and chose to remain quiet after being stopped by ladies. And trust me I really feel bad for this even today. I feel bad because I chose to remain quiet. I should have said to those ladies that it’s not about male and female. It’s about helping the needy. I don’t know why I sat quietly.

That day when I came back home I told everything to my parents. My mother said, “You shouldn’t have listened to those ladies and should have given your seat to the man. You need to have good values.” That day my parents taught me about values. They told me it’s importance. And therefore, I helped that bird. Had not my parents taught me about Values I would have left her all alone.

Now, I think unless until Values aren’t taught the inheritance won’t help. Or maybe the inheritance works but teaching can really help in gaining good values. There are so many cases wherein children of reputed families do something unacceptable. So, in that cases can we say the child couldn’t inherit Values? If values could be inherited then what’s the need of so many preaching and books related to it.