When my eyes are bold
to identify
good and bad

When my ears are

keen to listen
to stories unheard

When my mouth

dares to
speak the truth I see

When my hands

break open free
to fight for justice

When my legs

never complain
to walk the miles
to support a cause

The day when I
scrub off the
impeding dirt
of my body clean
I pronounce
I am a
good human being
When I am able to
fulfill these
I am
a good citizen!


7 thoughts on “CITIZENSHIP OATH

  1. This was so beautifully explained Deepa. Especially the names of the body parts that you have used so articulately and that’s commendable. Thank you for reminding all of us the oath that we actually have taken during our school days.

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    1. Thank you so much Chiradeep. I am still in a dilemma if i am a good citizen. To be a good citizen, I have to be good to myself and to others and then the rest is history. Thank u so much for the words.


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