As the darkness surrenders, the sun rises as a canopy of gold
Bluebirds snuggle into their hay nest
Clouds rolled in like wispy curls of hair hints me the approaching weather
Dew brings brightness upon the new day’s grass
Eager for the day, nocturnal owls return to their dwell
Forest which was playing one symphony after another now chills me
Green everywhere, full of promises and hope
Hills that lie friendly in the day are darkly ominous by dusk
Illuminating the sky firefly sliced through the dark atmosphere
Jubilant I am viewing the evening sky
Kissed by spring shades of green clothed the naked tree
Levitating to the heavens, the night was like being hailed by the angels
Mother’s of the nocturnal world lead their offspring
Nature rests her rainbow palette
Omnipresence is twofold, by nature and by grace
Poetry of the earth is never dead
Quietly the first drop falls quenching the soil and life
Rustling leaves talk
Sacred earth caught everything in her spell
Twilight wraps the vibrant greens
Untamed lightning frantic to escape the dark grey clouds
Vibrating the sky thunder seemed to crack the air
Whipping wind roared like a chaotic dance
Xenon and oxygen react and scream
Yet forest beauties enjoy their peaceful sleep
Zzzz- Nature – the Elixir of Life

a profound and a wise teacher
nature has many
beautiful things to teach
however dark and eerie the night
there is always a brightness to engulf the past
like a sky without a
star and moon
is unfinished
nature has taught
a life without
someone is incomplete
the majestic mountains
impossible is nothing
green reminds
to fall in love with thee
seasons indirectly
unfold the mystery
a profound and a wise teacher…
nature has many
beautiful things to teach…

21 thoughts on “NATURE AT ITS BEST

  1. To get the right words for the right expressions in the right way is an art. And, God has blessed you with this creative art!! Wonderfully framed poem, making each line seem so real 🙂

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  2. I have to agree with Rajnandini. Poetry has never been something I can do so seeing someone blessed with this gift is a joy. Welcome to our Candles Online family. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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  3. Deepa, it’s a joy to welcome you to our family of brilliant writers. They all write from heart and that’s why they are with me. They all want to be a change agent in their parts of the world.

    About this poem, when I read it I didn’t mark the A-Z sequence till you embolden the first alphabets. And I was amazed to see that as I kept scrolling to check if it runs from A through Z and it was. Fabulous it is.

    Then the learning at the bottom of the main poem was again so so fabulous. God bless you Deepa, you are so gifted. But try to write articles more, poems are better for fillers or for a change.


    Regards, Chiradeep

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    1. I will try my best to write articles Chiradeep. Somehow I am very comfortable with writing poetry. Infact when i started blogging I never knew how to write a poem or admire it. got inspired and encouraged by the brilliant community here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  4. Beautiful poem.. Keeping the A-Z intact and yet not loosing the mood and link in the poem.. awesome creativity.. each line is so well connected with each other and creates a vivid picture in our mind.. Kudos.. and welcome to Candles…

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  5. First and foremost let me welcome to the Family Candles. Now I am lost where shall I start from. The way you have penned each and every word actually paints the canvas of the reader’s mind with a picture to be experienced virtually. You made us visualise the scenery. That’s a real triumph for a poet, for a writer. Kudos. It’s amazingly beautiful.

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    1. Thank you so much kalpana. Congrats to you for the FB caption. Humbled by your words. I am truly looking forward to the candles family.

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