Wait Sanika… I have left my earphone upstairs in the kids room. They must be already sleeping. I will be right back.” He hung up and went upstairs.  And as Sanika was waiting for Atul’s video call her mind made her to loiter in the past…

It’s been five days Pranay, where are you? No news! Have you spoken to your mom and dad? For God’s sake reply!” Sanika was quite hysterical in her messages too. But there was no response from the other end. There was no clue of Pranay.  Tired of waiting for a response, she decided to visit Pranay at his place.

She could feel butterflies churning in her stomach and could hear her heart pounding really fast as she was inching closer towards his house. The house was all decked up. Pretty happy faces pacing up and down and all around. Sanika was anxious to know what was going on. Maybe she had made an entry in the wrong time, if it’s a family function and Pranay was busy with this. But what stopped him from even dropping a hint of something like this? Many questions were doing the rounds before she finally enquired of the watchman “Kya ho raha hai bhaiya…” (what’s happening brother?).

The watchman’s reply made her heart skip a beat “Pranay baba ki sagai hai memsaab…” (It’s Pranay Sir’s engagement, Madam).

Sanika’s dreams, her world came crashing down before her eyes making her leave with heavy heart and blank mind.

Pranay at last made an appearance. “Hi  Sanika, I am sorry, I have news for you. I got engaged to Tanu. It’s something out of my control. Please try to understand. I simply couldn’t say NO to my parents, it’s their choice and I am left with none. But we can still be friends, right?

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Sanika was bewildered. His audacity drove her mad with rage. Wiping her tears away and putting up a brave face, she said, “I am sure this is not something you were not aware of to say the least. Why then you didn’t let me know?  I am sure not every couple have a happy ending culminating into marriage and I understand this, but you should have at least shown the courage to let me know instead of disappearing into thin air like a coward“, and left the place.

Tears were her companion for long.  Her heartache refused to go for she had been in love with such a jerk till she married Atul, and rest has been history.

Atul was a person of strong personality of his own with a soft demeanour as compared to Pranay who loved to boss around with no spine to show  in the crucial matters. She remembered how Atul stood against his own family when an objection was raised against Sanika’s decision to work after delivery of her first child, especially in their case as they were economically sound. But he stood rock solid for her before his family finally accepted and embraced her decision. Such family pressures can normally be passed off to the woman of the house so as to make her succumb, but he didn’t. That made him different.

And while she was lost in her thoughts her phone vibrated vehemently, and it was a Skype call from Atul….