Atul went inside and saw his children were talking to their mom through video call, using laptop. He hesitated to step inside their room and preferred to be at the door entrance, eavesdropping . He felt foolish, but didn’t want to talk to Sani at this moment. 

Mumma loves you both and will come soon. I will try to get all the things that you have told me. Just be good and don’t trouble your dad much.” Sani spoke to the kids.

We love you mumma. Bye.”  The kids shouted in unison. 

Atul moved away to his room. Lost in thoughts, he sat down to read the newspaper. One of the headings caught his eye:

 “Most men wish to rekindle romance with old flame

One in five people and as many as a quarter of all men pine to get back together with their first love, a new survey has revealed. Some 21 per cent have said that they are secretly planning a reunion with their first lover.

(Image Source: Google Inc.)

He slammed down the newspaper. He loved Sani and trusted her, but he also knew that she was emotionally weak and would believe anyone easily.  He believed whatever his mom had said.

Picking up his mobile phone, he opened the search engine and typed Pranay Kapoor. It was easy to find him. His latest photo as guest speaker in Switzerland for Sanika’s company was flashing on the screen. Atul quickly searched his official contact details and called up at his office.

Hello! ABC Associates”, a lady said.

Ya, Hi! This is Sam, Pranay’s ex- colleague. Actually I am trying to contact him on his mobile, but he’s not reachable. I know he’s in Switzerland, but I have an urgent work with him. Can I have his alternate number?” Atul asked.

Umm, sorry sir, but I don’t have his alternate number either.” The voice replied.

Oh man! This is really urgent. Can I have his residence number?” He sounded desperate.

Sure sir, just a moment.” The lady gave his residence number to Atul.

This isn’t right”, the voice inside him said. But, Atul ignored the voice of his conscience and dialled Pranay’s residence number.

Hallo”, a male voice came.

Hello, may I speak to Pranay please?” Atul asked.

Pranay baba isn’t here. Who are you?” The voice demanded, sounded like a caretaker.

I am his school friend and wanted to meet him. I am trying to call him on his mobile, but can’t get through” Atul said.

He’s gone to Ssswitzland, will come after 2 days.

Oh,” Atul  sounded surprised. “So, Bhabhiji has also gone or is she at home only?

Arrey beta, don’t you know?” 

Ya, ya, I know, but still asking.” Atul was feeling bewildered. 

Yes beta, we can only hope, but they are not going to come together. Now the date of court hearing has also come.” The caretaker said.

Oh!” Atul was in deep shock. “Ok, thank you so much. I will try to call him on his mobile again.

Arrey Beta, what’s your name?

Atul disconnected the call without answering him.

The picture of Sani and Pranay together was flashing in his head and he felt his head throbbing hardly.