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Atul’s state of mind wasn’t right. He needed to clear his head. Telling their housekeeper he needed to step out for a while, he left the house and began to walk.

He had no particular destination in mind so when he found himself in front of his mother’s home, he was surprised. Seeing the time he knew she would be having tea. Knocking on the door the house boy confirmed his mother was in her usual spot.

She immediately set down her cup and beckoned him closer. He sat next to her, kissing her cheek.

Something is wrong isn’t it? Tell me what has happened.”  He was reluctant at first but she knew to wait patiently. Finally he told her all that had happened thus far. When he was done she shook her head.

Sanika loves you Atul. Just because her old flame has popped up doesn’t mean she has feelings for him even now. She is angry and hurt for how he left things. She thought he loved her enough to defy all odds to be with her. But he gave into his parents’ demands showing that he didn’t love her enough. That kind of rejection leaves a scar and makes a young girl wonder if she is worthy of any man.

He stared at his mother in shock. How could she know this? He had grown up seeing the love and adoration his parents had for each other. She smiled softly at him, brushing his hair back from his forehead.

She made a mistake in getting drunk and the fact she stormed away from that man tells me she is trying her best to deal with the situation. Trust her. If she calls again, do not scold her as you did before. She was hoping for your comfort and love, not you yelling at her. She may have REALLY thought she had dealt with her past. Can you only imagine how she felt when she saw him again and all that had happened came back and hit her like a hammer?” She watched him for a moment as he thought that over. Taking his hand, she smiled gently. “Try to see things from her perspective son.

He nodded slowly. He really hadn’t listened to her when she tried to tell him what she was feeling. Instead he let his own feelings overcome him and had probably hurt her more than what she already was.

Thank you mother. I will head home now and see if I can get a hold of her again.” He rose to his feet, kissing his mother goodbye and headed home.

Reaching home, he let himself in and went to look for his phone. He finally found it on the kitchen table and checked his messages. Of course there were none from Sanika after her call with the children.  Should he call her or wait till later? Sighing, he put his phone in his pocket and went in search of his children.


  1. A wise mother indeed!
    And you have opened gates to a new twist. Will Atul call Sanika? If he does will Sanika connect to him? Or will she sulk? Will Pranay again answer Atul’s call?
    Wow… this is getting interesting

    Liked by 1 person

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