Sanika was not in a very good mood. She was anyway feeling very sick because of the bad hangover she was going through and above it Pranay’s very sight disturbed her completely. It was all because of him she went on to gulp so much of alcohol last night and there she was stumbling upon him again and again till now. And to her utter dismay she heard Pranay again at her door.

What are you doing here again? Why are you not just disappearing from my sight?”, Sanika was frustrated and angry.

I understand your state of mind Sanika but you are crossing your limits now. Your husband called and I picked up by mistake thinking it as mine but it was your phone which you left it. I just came to give it back to you. Talk to your husband.” Pranay retorted as his male ego was hurt. He handed over the phone to her and walked away from that place.

What? This man spoke to Atul again? Oh God!”, Sanika thought as she held her head with both her hands.

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She quickly dialled Atul’s number waiting for his response. She knew how particular Atul was and how he didn’t like things out of the place. She was ready for a mouthful from him and she was okay with it. She loved it when Atul corrected her because she knew that he did it out of his sheer love and concern for her.

Hello… who’s it now? Pranay or Sanika?” Sanika was really taken aback when Atul asked this in a very grave voice.

Why are you asking like that Atul? You know I was not well and that man interfered and spoke to you…why are you so rude to me?”, Sanika was instantly hurt deeply. She was already very broken because of the very sight of her past life. Her emotions were surging out. She was vulnerable and needed much care and affection from a person who had been so understanding and caring for last 9 years. But now he asked something so rudely that she was unable to take it.

Because till now I am unable to understand what is going on there in that bloody Switzerland?” Atul again shot a bullet that pierced Sanika’s heart.   

Atul, you are hurting me darling instead of gathering my broken pieces in your palms as you always do”, Sanika started sobbing as she said that.

Now, that’s the best weapon which you all females have… WEEPING… Huh… Now will you stop shedding your tears and explain what is going on with you from beginning till now. Do you even remember about your kids? Do you remember their names? You didn’t ask about them for last two days…” Atul continued his attacks on Sanika which she could not take anymore.

She wept as she continued speaking with broken words…“Listen then you insensitive man…” She paused and started again wiping her tears.

I saw Pranay two days ago in the market. It took some time to click who the familiar-seeming face was. As it dawned on me that it was him, I walked away from that place immediately cursing my fate to have met him again in my life. And guess what?” She paused again.

What?” Atul asked eagerly.

I saw him speaking again on the podium in our office conference as a guest speaker. Can you believe that? Every time I avoided his sight he kept on looking at me making me uncomfortable I excused myself and went away from that place. But I could not take it. Everything… yeah… simply everything flashed in front of my eyes and I broke down…. To get myself straight on my feet I drank in the bar… And you know the rest. That man told you the truth. I shouted at him this morning when he again tried to show his so-called concern for me. That’s all…”  Sanika stopped as she kept weeping quietly without letting herself to be heard on the phone. But Atul could make out what that she crying.

I am sorry Sani for being so rude… I think you should take rest, but before that just talk to a bit to your kids.” Atul handed over the phone and the voice came, “Mamma, how are you? I am missing you a lot.” It was Anika and her soft voice tore Sanika’s heart. She sobbed bitterly as she spoke to her but before she could talk more there was another voice over lapped on Anika’s. It was Anshul. “Mom, I am grown up now and so I sure understand that you are crying and missing us so much. Don’t cry Mom and come back soon.”  She spoke to them for some time and asked them to give the phone to Atul again but Atul was not around strangely.  

 She remembered when she initially shared all her heart with Atul after their engagement he had said one thing that time: “The moment you make sure that the past is not hurting you anymore, that moment you will realise that your heart is empty to accommodate another person. But the moment you feel hurt because of your past you will know that you still have kept that old person in your heart.”  

She screamed at the top of her voice to take out her angst but there was no one to hear her agony in that sophisticated hotel room.



  1. Even the best husband could have a grey shade to his nature. Wah! I really enjoyed reading this. I really want to know how this story unfolds, how many misunderstandings before reconciliation, will there be any reconciliation or not, will past loom large enough to disturb future or a new story in the making? So many questions you see… 😊great write up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Atul’s reaction makes a lot of sense specially after the second phone call with pranay… being so far away his imagination must have got better of him.. Going great CP. Waiting for the next twist or turn in the story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The moment you make sure that the past is not hurting you anymore, that moment you will realise that your heart is empty to accommodate another person. But the moment you feel hurt because of your past you will know that you still have kept that old person in your heart.”  
    Quote by Charlie. Just superb.
    Loved the intensity of Atul’s reaction and you portrayed “helpless Sanika” beautifully

    Liked by 1 person

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