Silence suffocated them both before Atul excused himself citing a meeting with client, “Got to go, I have an important meeting lined up today.  Take care, bye“.

Hmm, you too” this is all Sanika could say before hanging up the call.

Both of them were on the same page today – very disturbed.

Sanika got up with her head heavily reeling, alcohol or the plethora of emotions churning in, what is effecting her so much, she is unable go decide. She freshened up and dragged herself to the breakfast area of the hotel, hoping sniff and sip of freshly brewed coffee could help her deal the worst hangover of her life.

She was at table holding her cup with both hands as if she didn’t want it to slip, was it coffee or was it life she was clinging on, to prevent the spill. As she was lost in her own thoughts a feeble voice demanded her attention.

H H Hello Sanika, Hi“.

When she turned in the direction of the voice, it was Pranay. He was concerned of Sanika so he thought visiting her in the morning to ask about her. There was restlessness on his face and guilt was quite evident in his eyes. He was quite unsettled.

How are you now?” before he could say more he was interrupted by a stern question, Excuse me, do I know You? Have we met before?” Sanika fixed her eyes on his face with this question.

I don’t blame You, I understand it completely. I am am am so sorry for what has happened” Pranay was fumbling with his words while he drew a chair opposite to Sanika.

Sanika sighed taking a long breath “I am sorry… what are you talking about. What has happened? If you are talking about what has transpired between us ages ago, then please don’t be sorry. Instead I must thank you for helping me take a right decision and reaching my destination, Atul is the name.  I can’t imagine my life with a person who can’t stand his ground and think on his feet when it mattered the most.  I simply can’t imagine my life otherwise, you see!” There was a tinge of satire in her words and she continued

And if it’s about the last night then you should be SORRY. You have no right to interfere in my life in any, ANY manner. You have no idea… well leave it…” She paused a bit to the flow of her emotions lest she would break down and the continued again, “As far as I am concerned you are a stranger to me and I shall not be discussing anything pertaining to my life” by this time anger and grief were competing with each other, trying to overpower each other in her eyes.

Pranay in an attempt to cool her down said, “But how could I have left you there in that situation?” there was anxiety in his tone.

Now the colour on Sanika’s face settled to red as she uttered “Just the way you have left me THEN…” She rose to her feet and left the place hastily leaving Pranay speechless.

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As her image was diminishing with every step she was taking away from him Pranay couldn’t take his eyes off from that direction and the phone rang which he unmindfully answered. In fraction of seconds he realised that’s Sanika’s phone which she forgot on the table.  Their ringtones being the default tones of the handsets he answered it without even looking at the screen and the person at the other end was Atul, again!

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